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i did exactly what i intended to do yesterday. it was a super duper lazy day! i stayed on my pyjamas all day, and stayed on the bed most of the time. heaven heaven aaahhh....

after a very relaxing saturday, i woke up early today to get shower, nope langsung tak mandi smlm, not even brushing my teeth ;p muehehhe. plus today i have to visit a hip fracture patient up to alnwick, it's almost halfway to edinburgh huh. a sunday visit? you might think i am a rajin gaban nyer student, but the real fact is that i should have visited this lady before easter break, and that was 5 weeks ago, and now the consultant has already asked about it and now is the time to panic. and this patient has moved to 2 different hospitals and now is in a nursing house up way north in alnwick. what to do what to do kene aa pigie gak

of course i know everything that happened a few weeks ago is indeed a memory, and it's just my stupid side of brain trying to tegakkan benang yg basah muahaha. stupid and annoying and complicated, yet interesting and funny side of my brain, i think muahaha

finally FINALLY i managed to talk to monyet. his handphone broke down since monday and havent heard his voice for 6 days makes me crazy! i need to talk to him to keep me insane..logic tak? muahaha. this is the last thing that i what to do; emotionally dependent to others..i hate it..but some things are beyond one's control. you know what, i think most of the blame are on monyet; who ask him to be soo bloody damn nice to me? huh. i was spoilt, i mean giler punyer spoilt by him, of course i like it, but i hate it too at the same time, see what happens now? i become emotionally dependent to him and now he is not here, obviously, and sapa susah skrg? bengang bengang (but at the same time...sengih gak..confused confused)

i spent nearly half of my time back home with him. we went to genting together, in my effort to find a cold place away from kl, tak berjaya pun, genting is not as cold as i imagine it would be. the next day we headed to machang, to his parents house. woo hoo you cant imagine how i felt at that time. spending a night in my future in-laws house...shudder shudder. it turned out to be ok. his mum was nice and friendly, and his dad was the quiet one. monyet got his look from his mum, but most of his personality he got it from his dad. i know it's not a very big deal for most of us to meet our future in-laws family, but for me, it IS a big deal. my mum always has this small talk, every now then, about how important it is to be well accepted in my future in-laws family. she forbids me to go to machang for a long time, 'important for my reputation' she said, and i dont have a clue what she meant, but it indeed gives me shudder to even think about it. what if they dont like me? will monyet leave me if his family doesnt like me? and with this so-called 'my reputation', how should i do it? i got thousand tips to meet my future in-laws family, even from the girl who did my facial a week before i went to machang (yup, my mum prepared me mentally and physically, 'you'll look bercahaya seminggu lepas facial, providing you put this and this on your face and do this and that, eat this and that bla bla bla). all of these scared me even more. i have to please these people, and i'm not sure how. monyet plak being a typical guy, 'oh you'll just be yourself, the way that i like you best'. and being on my pyjamas all day and not brushing my teeth? i dont think so.

first rule - listen more, talk less. hmm i can do that. it's like listening to a patient. smile, listen, nodding, be polite and let the patient does most of the talking. and the fact that everyone in monyet's family talk (very) thick kelantanese accent, and i dont understand a word, and they dont understand mine as well, hmm not sure this helps or not. i did listen, and i listened hard and tried to understand the best i can. luckily monyet's mum was soo nice, and my kitchen skills wasnt that bad, i think it went well, i think, i hope.

second rule - woke up early the next morning. yup, i did this, in fact earlier than everyone else and his mum said 'oh lom subuh lagi' muahahha. but my nose bled that morning like hell and i hope she didnt think anything bad.

third rule - keep busy, dont even sit. so i kept myself busy, basuh pinggan, lap meja, sapu sampah etc etc. monyet said he never saw me being soo 'nice, appropiate, rajin, mithali'. whatever sepak kang

and monyet helped me a lot. he helped me get used to his family, and i forever thank him for that. monyet once said that mother-in-laws can never be the same as our own mother, and i thought 'why not?'. they are like our 2nd mother. if we treat and respect them like our own mother, then they will treat us like their own (i hope). well, that's what my mum told me, like a thousand time. my mum treats monyet like her own, of course ade sket janggal, but she likes monyet, especially for the way monyet treats me, her daughter, well. and the fact that my mum's mum passed away 12-13 years ago, my mum has been pretty closed to her mother-in-law (my dad's mum). and my grandma treats her well too, sometimes better than her own daughter. so i guess all my mum wants is for me to be happy and bahgia.

after spending a night in machang, me and monyet went to a 5-hour journey to kuantan ie to my parents house. i couldnt help but to imagine this is what it would be like in a few years time (i hope, amin) during raya time. journey from one family in machang, then to kuantan. i love the time we spent in the car. i can talk all the things in the world, and monyet is more than happy to listen. he is indeed weird; i cant imagine such person exists, who doesnt like to talk but would love to listen me merepek. i mean, real merepek muahhaha. and we spent 2 nights in kuantan, at my parents house. having spent 5 days non-stop, all day with monyet, this was really the highlight of my break.

i am pretty sure now that this is a memory, not a dream


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