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finally dapat gak dgr lagu fever! dah berapa minggu dah i had that song in my head. i bought the cd 2 years ago, but realised that i've lost it a few weeks ago when i went searching for the cd. kotak cd ade, tapi cd takde! sakit hati, and that song asyik berputar2 dlm kepala. so...i decided to get another one from ebay! got it for 1quid! +1.50 postage, tappe aa, altogether 2.50 je, drpada asyik dgr lagu je dlm otak. balik sekolah tadi terus dpt the cd yeyeyeyye. i bought her other cd album, Body Language last week at tesco for 2 quids and me like it! i think she's so hot. i lap you kylie! hihi

started my psychiatric rotation this week. for 4 weeks. ha. full stop. ha. full stop. i have low mood since then. i know i hate this rotation. dono, i got personally disturbed by it. it's like looking at an old mirror. oh dont get me start. pathetic life mine was. dont want to open an old dusty book, do we?

it's official. my favourite ever ever food now is prawn potato mayo salad. sedap gile! i can eat the whole big bowl of it! yum yum yum.

had my moment at the beach yesterday. we had our seminar at one of the community mental centre at whitley bay. the centre is just a few metres away from the beach! loved it! i had my lunch sitting on the sand by the beach. stayed there for a while while staring blankly at the sea. dead calm.

watched the aviator and meet the fockers last sunday with mu'azzah. best. the former wasnt exactly my cup of tea that is being a heavy and longgg (3 hours sih) movie but everyone suggested me to watch it so i thought it wouldnt cost me much since i planned to watch 2 movies in a price of 1 (hehe). it was a good movie. very good plot. strong acting thoughout, but i was a bit dissapointed with cate blanchett. what an awkward slang she used, maybe that was the way katherine hepburn spoke, i dont know, i have never watched any katherine hepburn movie, so i dont think i make a fair point here. nevertheless the aviator is a good movie and deserves to be nominated for the oscar. meet the fockers was hilarious! seriously hilarous. everyone knows how funny ben stiller is, but who would have guessed dustin holfman is just as funny? go and watch these movies. someone told me that only people with certain level of intelectual can enjoy the aviator, i dont think this is a fair comment. make me feel if i happen to not like the movie, it means i'm stupid ie not reach 'that' level of intelectual. i dont know. it just that everyone have their own preference. some people might not like to watch heavy, 3 hour movie although they are proven to have high IQ. same works vice versa.

i dreamt of jude law last nite. GoOd dream hehe. he's so damn gorgeous, in my dream lah, havent met him real life, yet. hehe. i also dreamt of something else that ruin everything. malas plak nk tulis. macam ni la, in that dream, soon after i had my hot date with jude law, i dreamt the person that i hate most in newcastle came and visit me at home. got it? suuuweyy