enjoyable weekend!

2/20/2005 07:42:00 PM 0 Comments »
been a bit bz since my last entry.

you know i hate psychiatry. i've been tangguh2 buat my cases since last week, tho the deadline was last friday, but the consultant said that we can hand them in on monday morning. and i wasnt even half way with my cases on weds night. couldnt be bothered at all. met an anxious schizophrenic old lady on thurs morning, and i presented my case quite well to the old age psychiatrist that resulted me a compliment later that day. i was very motivated after that and ended up doing my cases as soon as i reached home at 5 and finished all 3 of them by midnight. felt rather good for myself, and now i can have a relaxing weekend.

went to work as usual on saturday. got this voucher from specsaver and i thought it would be nice to get coloured contact lenses after work, but then all the opticians there were all booked up till next week, and i know i will have got over my excitement for lenses at the weekend, so i changed my mind. i am too used wearing glasses now so why bother change. i can always get contact lenses later. then i went to do a bit of window shopping, just to buy me some time for my 5 o'clock movie. i decided to catch 3 movies this time, of course i only pay once. it's bloody expensive now! it's now 4.90 for students you know. it's like they increase the price every month! initially i was thinking of watching just 2 movies, but then with the increased ticket price, i decided to catch 3 movies and padan muka odeon haha.

the 1st movie that i watched was In Good Company. Topher Grace is soooo HOT HOT HOT! oh i like innocent looking guys. with skinny body. *drooling cair cair. scarlet johansen wasnt bad, she is pretty, but not stunning, and i cant help but wonder how a petite skinny girl who has thin arms, thighs and bum, but a massive anterior assets. hmm. but i think the best compliment went to dennis quidd, he was very good in this movie. and there was also the CSI las vegas women in this movie, i cant remember her name, she plays dennis quidd's pregnant wife. the overall movie was good, better that average, but the ending was not like i expected, but it was worth to watch. i give 7 out of 10 for this movie.

the 2nd movie was Shall We Dance. it was ok-ish. there were some illogical events on that movie. like how illogical it would be when a teenager who is in the middle of group outing with his friends (here it is called pub crawling) and then met his dad on the way and then decided to invite him along? i dont think so. this doesnt happen in real world. and his dad (richard gere) was in suits all along and he followed his son and the gang to pub/club, and one of the son's girlfriend asked the dad to dance. what? old people dont mix with young people, maybe in church etc, but not in clubs/pubs. and then how can a famous dancer (or should i say latin ballroom dancer, if anyone thought of other kind of dancer like pole dancer haha) invites the launderette people to a formal dance event? nadine told me that maybe these 2 people are closed but it is awkward right? oh maybe i was just being ridiculous over small unimportant things here. good performance from susan sarandon, richard gere was ok-ish, jennifer lopez's was rather emotional, but that night i declared that she has the best body ever ever! such a beautiful and perfect being, i mean physical wise. mak oi, lawa nyer ko... and she portrayed well as a lady who is very much in love with dancing. overall, i give 6 out of 10, it supposed to be 5, but then jlo's body made it 6 hehe bias bias

and the last one was Ocean Twelve. honestly, i was rather dissappointed. the movie was actually ok-ish, better then 5, but not good, if you know what i'm saying. maybe it was because i had a high expectation on that movie. because the Ocean Eleven was such a good movie + with its high profile actors, everyone expects more. the end was predictable, and i thought catherine zeta jones was ordinary looking. she is not stunning, she's pretty though, but again beauty is subjective. and i have to admit that brad pitt IS indeed the sexiest man alive. i saw Mr & Mrs Smith's preview beforehand and i couldnt wait to watch it! anyway, oceon twelve was ok-ish, it is rather stupid i might say, when julia roberts plays herself in that movie. and the fact that her real life husband called danny, and then george clooney who plays his husband in that movie is called danny as well. ha ha. overall i give 6.5 out of 10, mostly for the acting quality, but with a rather weak plot.

i had this 3-in-a-go movie plan sorted out, with each movie's timetable and length time, so that i can watch one movie directly after the other. it was suceessful, i managed to watch all 3 in the row, but then i forgot an important thing. the last movie finished at 12. and the last bus to home was 11.30. pandaaiiii. so i had to walk back home, alone, freezing mad cold, at 12. pandaaii elly pandaaii

sunday morning was another story. SNOW!! finally finally snow has arrived in newcastle. tebal, about 3-4 inches (i know wirda, this is nothing compared to michigan). i slept rather late the night before and planned to woke up late on sunday morning. then about 10-ish i heard yus called 'sape nk main snow..'. i'm always excited with snow, so i decided to drag myself out of the bed to join them. such a good time we had this morning. nadine and shanti joined us later and we built a snowman! it was my 1st ever snowman. besarrr. and the usual..snow fight! hehe best best. it was actually my 1st proper snow fight as well, best best, thanks nadine for the gloves. took some good pictures too :)

then we went back home at 1-ish and yus insisted to watch pontianak haram sundal malam. i'm not a fan of horror movie (more like i am not that brave to watch any) but everybody was there so i think i might just join the group and enjoy myself with the company. it turned out that pontianak was quite a good movie. the choreography was rather good, the plot, acting, script werent bad either. you see, i dont usually watch malay movies, but i can safely say that it is a good movie. and maya karin IS beautiful. you dont have to be a mixed pan-asian with fair skin to be beautiful, and maya karin and normala samsuddin are the living prove of that.

oklah, i better go now. need to sort out my dinner soon, but think i should mandi first. brrrr sejukkkkk....