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thanks zana, it's been useful.

Rank Specialty
1 dermatology (hmm..i do think i like dermo, but kdg2 geli gila)
2 emergency med (definitely NO <-- me panicky type)
3 radiology (i want this <--but a bit scared of radiation effect on fetuses)
4 pathology (hate to admit, but i do like lab works. read: CSI hehe)
5 neurology (double definitely NO NO!!)
6 allergy & immunology (interesting...nah dont think so)
7 rheumatology
8 endocrinology
9 nuclear med
10 colon & rectal surgery
11 gastroenterology
12 anesthesiology
13 pediatrics
14 psychiatry
15 occupational med
16 plastic surgery
17 ophthalmology
18 hematology
19 pulmonology
20 general internal med
21 general surgery
22 otolaryngology
23 preventive med
24 urology
25 radiation oncology (I AM SO WANTING THIS!! what? no 25?)
26 med oncology
27 infectious disease
28 nephrology
29 family practice (this is one of my main preference actually ie GP)
30 thoracic surgery (gudlak zeihan)
31 physical med & rehabilitation
32 aerospace med (oh bende ni wujud ka??)
33 obstetrics/gynecology
34 orthopaedic surgery (last ever EVER in my personal list)
35 neurosurgery (good. mmg 2nd last pun in my personal list)
36 cardiology

me <-- definite definitely NO surgery, NO paeds, NO psychitry, NO neuro

i think most likely i'll be a GP. if i got some luck + determination + optimism, maybe a radiologist/radiation oncologist. or maybe i dont practise medicine at all. maybe i do something totally out of medicine. who cares??

but radiation oncologist is such a cool term...

"The Role of Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy in the determination of Tumour Volume for Radiotherapy Treatment Planning" got a merit woo for that essay..

hihihi :P