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when i bought the olympus last weekend with elina, the salesman asked me to leave my address and contact number for a contest. yup, you guessed it right, I WON!!

i have never won a single thing in my life, jap, let me think, nope, dont think so. so i guess my time is up!! i got a missed call this morning as i had my mobile in silent mode cos i had a clinic this morning. i dont usually call back a missed call, but this time i think it was something important as the number that appeared on my mobile screen ended up with 000, so i guess it is maybe from the meds school, or from my consultant's secretary etc. so i rang the number back when i finished my class at 4.30, and it was from johnlewis (the shop where i bought the olympus). then they told me i won the 1st place in a lucky draw (yup, i dont even have to answer a single question!). of course, as everyone would predicted, i rushed to town to pick up the gift la. they said there were 2 people who won first place and i felt sooo damn lucky. it worth 150pounds! best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best best

cant stop menyeringai (bet nadine doesnt know this word hahah)

well, i think it's the best time to write about the camera story. i dont care about other people, i am so happy right now!

it wasnt impulse buying. i wanted to buy a camera since raya, when i realised that everybody has a camera, and i didnt even own one for ages. then i went to friends' fotopages, and i felt it would rather nice to own a digital camera. but the main reason is for mr monkey. he told me once that he wanted to see more pictures of me and my surrounding, since he is 11 000km away from me. for someone who is willing to go to a cyber cafe and pays 4 ringgit an hour just to see my pictures, i am forever grateful. initially i wanted to buy a simple digital camera. am certainly not a gadget type of girl. i was looking for a straightforward, easy digi camera that doesnt cost much. from my friends, i knew i have to get a 3megapixels++ digi cam, plus 128MB memory card. full stop. wasnt looking for anything great. then about after christmas, i was about to buy a nice and simple and cheap digi cam with my gaji, then someone said 'why not you wait for a couple of months more and kumpul more money then get a nicer digi cam'. i wasnt that keen tho for that idea, as i said, i'm not buying a camera for its prize-winning functions, i just wanted a camera that take pictures and then put it in the computer and then send it to azali. full stop.

then came the ever so stylish olympus mini mju. slick gile gile. plus it comes in many cool colours. i was in love with the orange olympus. gile lawa. i never actually saw one, just watch it from a tv advert, tapi mmg la lawa. but i know it's 250pounds ++ and that doesnt include the memory card or casing. even in the internet it is still expensive, it is about 260 includes memory card + casing + postage cost. then i realised that my cheque was delayed and that more and more money was accumulated and one day i received a 300++ cheque. cool. then came elina. she's the best luck charm anyone can have.

see, it wasnt impulse buying. i've been longing to own a digi camera for sometime, and done some research about it.

she brought me to johnlewis, a big shop in newcastle where i seldom go. she wanted to show me the olympus itself, cos apparently there is only the silver or black olympus in dixons or argos. there are 6 colours all together; black, silver, white, orange, blue and red. i was eager to see the orange olympus, but i knew i wanted the red when i saw one. its proper name is velvet red, for me it is metallic reddish pink peach. LAAWWWAAAAAA. cair cair.. and that's not all. the salesman said there was a promotion at the store, for the weekend only, the olympus price was 199pounds + a free 128MB memory card. but i told him i wanted a case for the camera. he smiled and said slowly that he might have an extra case. leather case tuh for mju camera. i knew i couldnt get any cheaper anywhere else (in the uk la) so i bought it with a (very) big smile on my face. still have it tho :DDDDD

have i told you that the salesman took me and elina picture together (with the olympus la) and printed it in 2 copies for each of us (with the printer above lah). baik gile.

and today i received a gift worth 150 pounds. i should be happy right? bet i am :DDD