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during chinese new year, you should try a precedent for the coming year. avoid foul or abusive language as well as bad and negative words. fighting is also seen as bad luck.

when you cry on new year's day then you will cry throughout the year, it is believed. naughty children are tolerated rather than punished, to prevent them from bursting into tears.

i'm trying to be happy today. in fact, there were several good news today, so i am indeed happy. last night's CSIs were good, and i had a pleasant sleep afterwards. you see, my day doesnt start in the morning, it starts the night before. i had my typical wednesday, went to work this morning and received 2 good news. 1st, my overdue pay cheque, i dont mind late cheques, it just means more money accumulated. then they offered me a new position in the surgery. now i just put some old written medical notes in the computers, now they want to me to put the latest data received from the hospitals and MDT (multidisplinary teams like physio, lab results, pharmaco etc) into the computers. it means heavier responsibility as i have to learn to read codes and put the latest data ie the important data in the computer or give it directly to the gp. should i take it? i do like a bit of challenge, but at the same time i'm scared of the responsibility. plus i'm not sure how hard it will be and how it will affect my study time. of course i put my study first before everything. but this is a good opportunity to learn something new. and it also says that they are satisfied with my current work to give me an even harder work that have more responsibility. we'll see..

then i received another good news from the bank. the thing that i've been waiting for the past 5 months has finally arrived yippee!! after sengih sorang2 for about 1/2 hour, i went to buy some groceries and wished the people at tsang food a gong xi fa cai. you know what, i've made up my mind about this blog. i'm happy with this blog, it has fulfilled its purpose, it's the place where i can pour down my thoughts without a single hesitation, and it is all true and honest. but then i think it would be a boring one if i put my thought in every single blog. so i decided to put something new. like some other blog the owner put down their interest as well, like music, comics, medicine (...), well, i tried hard to get some of the latter in my blog, but believe me, it's hard. i couldnt think of anything interesting about medicine to put in here, sori! i attend every single class everyday, be as punctual as they expect every student to be, i do every single assignment they required, i spend some of my leisure time in the library to study, bought most of the books they required, but to write about medicine in my blog? i cant find a single interesting topic to write down! funny funny. of all the things that i have in my complicated mind, from babies to horoscopes, from canada to snooker, i couldnt think of a single topic in medicine interesting. hahaha. sedih pun ade.

so i decided to put some new facts that i learn every day, from the internet, papers or from anything that i see on that day. it might sound boring, well, i give it a try:

in 1996, the world was shocked with the birth of dolly the sheep, the first mammal clone from an adult cell. cloning always fascinates me. i remember making an informal report about cloning during a-levels. you might not know this, but cloning plays a very important role for me to get an offer from newcastle meds school. i put cloning in my ucas personal statement. of course the interviewers asked this topic and expected me to have a limit knowledge as cloning at that time is very new and almost unheard of in malaysia. as cloning has been my personal interest from the first time i read about it in the newscientist magazine, i was able to give some good answers, even the interviewers was quite impressed with my cloning knowledge haha. seb baik die taktanye psl my french or guitar club, both of which i put in my personal statement, when the true fact was that i quit both club just 1 week after joining them ahah well that is another story.

i had most of my information from the internet, as cloning in malaysia is not as big as in everywhere else in the world. so i knew almost everything, i know i cant know everything, but i know the basic technique of cloning, how the half gene in the egg need to be replaced by a full gene of an adult cell, which has 2n gene (eg: n being 23 in human). eggs and sperms are the two living cells that have n or half gene than the normal 2n adult cell. the process is very complicated, with a very high failure rate, but it is do-able. before dolly was born, there were polly, rolly and many more of dolly's twins which got mutated and failed to generate another new living thing. and today, the creator of dolly has been granted a license to clone human embyoes for medical research. i have mixed view about cloning. i am as eager as other science people about this cloning phenomena, it is thrilled to think of the possible results, but at the same time i am very worried of the possible future that it may hold, especially in this more and more awkward and corrupted world. cloning can bring a new exciting and better world, but it can also cause destruction if it falls to the wrong man. i believe cloning is too exciting to be left on the shelf, and the world has to accept its presence sooner or later. the only thing that we can hope for is for cloning to be monitored and controlled, reasonably and wisely.

fuh, serious stuff. cant believe i wrote that. actually i want to write about other stuff as well, like the difference between a mass murderer and a serial killer, plus the criterias to be labelled as one, which i got from the internet, it's very interesting indeed. and do you know that liger and tigron exist? liger is an animal which has a lion as a father, and a tigress as a mother. and tigron is when the father is a tiger and the mother is a lion. liger and tigron dont have a scientific name, yet, and they dont exist naturally in the wild, they are the product of captive breeding programme. and they have stripes and spots too...interesting.. hmm

sorry if this blog bores you.