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for the first time in my life, i want someone to be dead. literally. along with the 3 bitches. and the irony is that i've never met any of them. and do not judge me. cos if you know the exact reason, you will have the same wish as i am. believe me.


need to get this anger, hatred and sadness out of my system...

... that made me decide to drive back home and drive back to my place the next day. in total i drove for more than 1000km in less than 24hrs. but it was well worth the time and effort. i'm not in newcastle anymore, i'm now well within drivable territory, and that if i want i can go home, or anywhere i want. not even hubby can do anything to change my mind. i am here now, and i will always be here for those i love and care most.

didnt even have the desire to write about my new viva. yeah, i drove back with my new car. will write more about it when i have the mood.