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it's raining again. it's been raining the whole day. the sky is grey with no cloud seen anywhere, so i know it's going to be raining for sometime. not that i have anything to complain about.

by the way, i'm back from my weekend trip. it was a great one. no, we didnt manage to go to a fancy restaurant to celebrate our 2nd monthly anniversary, but it was great nevertheless. i managed to get most of the things and do the stuff that i planned from the trip, except that i forgot to buy reader's digest that my english teacher asked to get, besides that, it was a successful trip. i even managed to get the turtles a new type of turtle's food, complete with vitamins and mineral, so hopefully they can grow more healthily this time around.

didnt plan to write the details of the trip, except that it was wonderful to be back to the city and enjoyed the megasales. managed to grab a pair of nice shoes and a mobile phone (hubby too, he got exactly the same one, except that his is black, while mine is red). most of the time we were out here and there from one shop to another, and hubby was so kind to accompany me browsing the sales (and drooling over shoes and handbags hehe). he and i know that i'm such a city girl, who need to go to shopping malls on a regular basis haha. and i also managed to 'dress up' everytime we went out, with make-ups and me pointy shoes hehe. there is where i belong.

ok ok back to reality. got to do lots of revision for the end-posting exams on wednesday, i've got today and tomorrow to finish it all. good luck to me!