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one of the favourite thing for me to do in late afternoons is to enjoy some minum petang. ideally some goreng pisang panas with teh tarik. or jemput2 ikan bilis with teh o. it would be best to prepare the food myself, as it would be extra hot and fresh from the kuali. however, since i'm living in the hostel currently with no cooking facilities whatsoever, so all i can do is to buy. unfortunately for the last 6 months i'm here, i have yet found a stall that sells good goreng pisang (i dont think there is such stall that sells jemput2 ikan bilis haha). for some reason the local people doesnt enjoy minum petang as much as the people at the other part of the country. for instance, in the place where i live in kuantan, there would be pisang goreng stalls for every 100m or so. i can even chose which type of pisang i want, my personal favourite is pisang nangka. but here, in my current place, i havent found any pisang goreng stall. maybe because this part of the country is famous for its consumption of rice; they would have rice even for breakfast. so i guess i have to accept this fact.

anyway, on a different note, i went back to kuantan last weekend. 2 trips in a month. planned to get the bus but they were all sold out. totally forgot about the extended raya haji weekend. so i drove. what's the use of a car if it cannot bring you to one place that you want to go? and so i drove, leaving my hostel at 4 o'clock in the morning. i 'overestimate' (or is it 'underestimate'?) the traffic.. there was none on the road! quite scary i tell you huh. gelap gelita with me using high beam light most of the time. alhamdullilah i managed to arrive safely at kuantan, but i promised myself not to travel as early as 4 am again, at least not if i'm travelling alone.

so far, i always travel alone. dono, for some reason, no one wants a lift. but i admit my friends and acquitances here at the uni are very limited. i think i only know the people in my group, a few people in my year, my roomates and their friends, my first year friends who i met during our orientation week, and i think that's all. i dont think it would be more than 40 people haha. and among these people, none are from kuantan. so no wonder no one wants a lift! haha. but to tell you the truth, i dont mind driving alone. it surprises me when i realise how much i enjoy driving. it sharpens my awareness and reflexes, but most of the time i dont have to think. so it rarely tires me. plus the trip back home from my uni doesnt use the highway, mostly it uses normal road, from town to town, village to village, and the last 150km or so it will go through jalan felda where it would be straight and car-less, meaning i can speed and act as if i was the king of the road haha. the only unwanted effect on using these kind of roads is that there are no phone and radio receptions. and being a car-less route, it kinda dangerous if you travel alone and if your car broke down. i hope this doesnt happen to me tho..

..especially now since i'm driving a new car. as promised, i'll write a thing or two about this new car of mine. it's a viva 1.0 fully auto. sorry, but i've already set in my mind that my manual driving skill was only for the driving test with the jpj people, so currently i lost the skill to drive manually haha. it's green in colour, and i've decided a name for my car (typical of me). it's viva la vida. raise hand if you know what is it! or at least heard that terms mention before? i bet you rm1k that if i ask a 100 people in where i live now, they wont know nor heard the name 'viva la vida' before. i'll tell you in my next entry haha. anyway, viva la vida a good upgrade from my previous kancil. i didnt say the 'best', but it was a good upgrade nevertheless.

first and foremost, this viva has a stereng power, which is great and very much appreciated. the kancil has none, so agak sakit sket la if you want to u-turn haha. obviously the viva is smoother in many ways, no need for me to write the lists. however the kancil has a turbo engine, and when you drive, you feel a certain satisfaction, especially with its acceleration and the sound produced. only those who had driven a turbo engine before would understand this feeling. while the viva is much milder, sleekier. and this is not a bad thing. as a girl, i would prefer the mild viva compared to the wild, untamed (haha) kancil with a turbo engine.

but obviously you cant forget your first ones that easily. i owned that kancil for the last 6 months, so obviously it would have a certain place in my heart. and that kancil is still at the car pouch in kuantan, so i still see it every now and then, and this makes it hard for me to let it go. but it's not up to me to decide. and maybe i'm grateful for not having the right to decide. i'll just take care the best i can any car that is given to me to use. i think it's better this way. it's hard for me to feel the 'ownership' feeling as i didnt chose nor pay for the car, i feel it is lend to me, ie i 'borrow' it from my dad, altho the geran stated it is mine.

anyway, it's almost maghrib already and i have yet taken a shower. i'll be going home to kuantan again really soon, first, for my SIL who is already due for the delivery of her second child so obviously i would like to be there to see the baby, second, for the support i can give to my family, especially to her. situation at home is getting critical, and all i can do is to give my full support. this is the time when we have to unite and support each other and care for each other. may Allah give us strength in overcoming this obstacle, amin.