weekend ramblings

12/20/2008 11:08:00 AM 1 Comment »

cant believe i forgot about SIL's due date next friday! already bought bus tickets to kl to meet hubby on next weekend. hmm camne ye? obviously i want to be there, preferably while she is still in the hospital to deliver. baby doesnt come that often in my family (my sis and i... long story haha) so i want it very much to be there during the delivery. obviously not DURING the delivery LOL, but to wait at the hospital. macam best aje hehe. i very seldomly come to the hospital, any hospital, as a visitor, never as a patient haha, i always come as a professional (ok ok as a student, but a medical student IS a professional right? haha). anyway, might have to persuade hubby to drive to kuantan when SIL decides to deliver (more likely, when the baby decides to be delivered). dont think he would like the idea, cos it would ruin our plan to spend time together, plus he takes a day off somemore, but i cant be too sure, hubby do sometimes acts and thinks differently from what i anticipate. anyway, not sure yet whether SIL will INDEED deliver next week, friday 26/12 is her expected date of delivery, but it can be any days before or after that date. but from her first child, she delivered EXACTLY on the expected date of delivery. so all we can do now is wait and see. oh how i wish i can be there at the hospital to see and hold the new baby! btw the baby's name is harith yusuf. dont you think it's a beautiful name?

so. weekend. what did i do? went here and there to find my turtles' food! i thought there was some left and planned to buy their food next weekend when i go to kl. then yesterday only 4 pieces left! went out to 4 different pet shops and clinics, 2 of them run out of stock, 1 closed and i couldnt find the last one haha. so had to get some from my roomate (she got a turtle too, a super fat one haha). so today i went out again and finally found a pet shop that sells some. fuh. one thing that i'm kinda worried about my turtles is that they just dont grow. i've had them for 5 months now and they hardly grew not more than 3mm in length. i know! but they do eat a lot. and berak a lot juga! my roomate bought her turtle almost at the same time as me, but she bought it at her hometown at temerloh, and her turtle was initially almost the same size as mine, but now her turtle is almost twice the size! i know! makan tonic ape ke haha. anyway, managed to talk to the animal doc just now at the pet clinic where i finally bought the turtles' food, she said most probably my turtles belong to a group of turtles that grow slowly. she said turtles have many types and they might look the same when in fact they belong to a totally different group. i think she might be right. my turtles dont look sick, they are quite active themselves, eat a lot, berak pun byk haha. i hope she is right, i do want the turtles, kenshin and kaoru, to be healthy and live as long as it is possible for them to live.

just received a delightful news; my sis gave me an all-ready-and-printed wedding album! it's in kuantan now, and my bro and mum said it is pretty, with it's black casing and everything. it contains pictures of my akad and reception etc all in one album. how nice of her! i know it is quite expensive to get it printed AND make an album of it. not sure how can i repay her back. tapi takpe, die baru naik pangkat jadi senior IT executive haha (think she'll kill me if she found out i put that here haha) so of course la naik gaji kan. so i guess i'm not getting the new crocs then (she promised to buy me one after she found out she got promoted), well, i can get the crocs myself, but this wedding album is surely priceless :) thanks sis

my hair is getting too long, but i'm loving it too much to even trim it. hmm lets wait for hubby's opinion when i meet him next week.

oklah got to go. i hate going out at night, to drive somemore, but i have to do something rather important. well, makan angin sket. oh yeah, did i tell you how great the viva is? hehe my viva la vida. btw it's one of coldplay's song, in case you were wondering.. good weekend everyone!