happy eid

12/08/2008 11:57:00 AM 0 Comments »

lets put any sadness aside, shall we? it's eid afterall.

selamat hari raya aidiladha

for the first time i spent this raya with my in-laws. i've been lucky so far, my in-laws have been so good to me, and i'm grateful to have them as a family. last year raya haji was a sad one. i was left alone in kuantan, no one was care enough to bring me along with them. mama even didnt speak to me for several weeks. i was all alone on that sad november day, all for a reason best not to mention here. like i said, lets just put all the sadness aside. but it's still quite hurtful when i remember those times. family can be quite cruel and hurtful when they want to, cant they?

anyway, hubby came back for this raya, and that surely something that i would always looking forward to. i still have the same old feeling, the palpitation, the giddiness, the butterfly-in-the-stomach, and all those whatever-you-named-it feeling, whenever i'm meeting him. and when i finally saw his face, there is a relief and gratefulness that he is safe from his journey, and that he's coming back to me. just thinking about him, like right now, make me smile, on my face and in my heart. the best feeling ever is when you love someone so much, and that someone loves you the same. i'm so so so grateful to have found him, and to have him in my life. gosh, he surely owns my heart.

whenever you're sad and down thinking of something, it's best to remember all the happy things that happen around you. he who brings so much happiness in my life, that he is :)

anyway, before these eyes start to wet, lets just get some food comfort, shall we? got some ketupat daun palas and lauk daging korban that my mother-in-law bekalkan tadi. she is such a good person, that she is. thank you for treating me nicely, just like your own daughter :) i'm grateful to have you as a second mother :)