sunny but cold sunday

11/13/2005 12:08:00 PM 0 Comments »

happy couple :)

a friend used to tell me how she hopes to get engaged and married to a man she truly likes. well, she is about to get her wish comes true this summer :) arent they lovely? hehe with matching outfits. btw i got her permission to put her picture here. the guy is very quiet but seems nice and he does make her happy. i wish them the very best in life.

sunday. another bliss. tho not as bliss as saturday. saturday is good cos you have sunday the next day. while on sunday, you have monday the next day, which is not a good day. but when you are on monday itself, it's good cos at the end of that day, you've done a fifth of your weekdays. what am i doing now, writing bout days? i must be super bored.

am currently disliking a person. not my azali, we're good. he is nice. maybe the only person in this world who can stand of me. even my parents cant stand me too long. i'm wild, rude, rough, selfish, super easily irritated, likes cursing, super hate being told what to do, super duper bapak degil and lots more. no suprise when my own bro said that if he was my bf, he would have left me ages ago. now i understand why my parents, especially my mum, and my old roomate were shocked and disbelieved when i told them about azali. they thought for someone who can accept me, he must be super-human. seriously, they thought that. mind you, i'm not a bad person. i'm a difficult and complicated person. i'm not sure how my friends view me, but i think they know not to cross the border. i'm not being two-faced, i think i'm worse than what my friends think i am, but i'm better than what my family think i am. the only person who really knows me is azali. that's why i always coming back to him. although i treated him like dirt in the past, he still called just to ask for my wellbeing. 'dah mkn belom. jaga diri ye.' although i cursed him like hell and he read it, he still called just to ask for my wellbeing. he still sent me some kuih raya. he still speaks nicely in the phone. that's why i always coming back to him.

back to the person i'm currently loathing. they're really testing my nerve. if others accept your decision, doesnt mean you can make mine. dont try to rule my life. if i cant make a decision, doesnt mean you can make mine. you are no one. no bloody one in my life. stop being a big-headed. stop being a dominant. buzz off