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11/17/2005 12:36:00 PM 0 Comments »
sejuk sih. last night it was minus 2 ellina said. it was freezzzziiiing cold. someone told me that it's going to be the coldest winter ever since 1962. sejukkkk..brr..

malas gak. am at med school at the moment, waiting for the half one seminar. rase malas plak nk pie. but i've prepared the case study. hmm maybe that's a good reason for not going. cos since i've already prepared the case, so i wont lose anything by not going. see where my mind is going? tee hee hee.

went to sport centre to play badminton last night despite the freezing weather. i havent played for 2 weeks, to let my shoulder to heal properly. good, last night my shoulder didnt hurt anymore and i enjoyed myself. met up with the other malaysians, gosh i was the only malay, but that doesnt matter, i just want to play badminton. went to the library before that to prepare today's case study. before that i went to work, as usual, on wednesday. on the way back i went to tesco to buy 3 buckets of ice-creams and a few other stuff for the open house this saturday. so overall i had a productive day yesterday, and i liked it. productive day means good day :)

seriously malas nk pie seminar. maybe gonna have lunch with ellina at 1 when she finishes her lectures. after that i plan to do some food shopping for this saturday open house. i need to bake 5 banana cakes tonight. gees, never done that before. hopefully jadik. according to ct's cooking timetable, we gonna make the cakes, jellies, and nasi himpit tonight. tomoro gonna be a super busy day cos we plan to make most of the dishes tomoro. but then i managed to get ct's consent to watch harry potter tomoro yippee!! i'm gonna watch the 1st view of the day, at quarter past 10 in the morning. i wish i can watch it tonight, they'll have a 5 past midnight screen. and i think they gonna finish at nearly 3 in the morning, so dont think it's a good idea for me to watch it, alone.

talked to mama just now. sian die, sorang2 kat ampang. abah went to penang for a meeting and kak lysa to china and mama is home alone. die tak berani nk duk kuantan sorang, so one of my aunt gonna kawankan die kat ampang. iwan is having his spm right now. super stressed, mama said. i wasnt there when he took upsr and pmr, and now spm. no wonder i'm in his bottom list of people he loves and cares most. he said he loves mama the most, then kak lysa, then jiman and abah, and i'm the last. what to do. i've never been there for him. hopefully i can talk to him this weekend for my parents are going to visit him at his school.

oklah, azali is online. think i wanna chat with him for a while before going to lunch.