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hello again. it's saturday noon, and i'm still in my pyjamas. bless. these past few saturdays had been full and i'm glad today i can rest and do nothing. ct and yus went to nottingham this morning and ellina went to attend a job interview in metro centre, and i'm alone in my room with my duvet and teddies, on my double bed, with the tv remote on my right hand. me and my beloved tv. my ideal saturday hihi.

talked to huda just now. it's nice to hear that voice again. she's been quite busy lately, as expected for being a doctor, but she still hasnt lost her sense of humour. hope to see you next saturday huda ;)

for next saturday we're having a raya open house!! like last year, we are going to cook non-stop for 2 days and 2 nights, making rendang, kuah kacang, nasi himpit, lemang, chicken wing bbq, kek pisang, and maybe nasi tomato as well. nice! this year we estimate the guests to be twice the number compared to last year, meaning we are going to cook for about 50 people! hmm..boleh buat nyer! tho we lost one of our last year toyol aka nadine hhehehe he can make good begedel i tell you hihi. but he prefers to be somewhere else, like 'in the arms of miss sweetie' muahaha. takpe la, am hoping this year will be more organised than last year, yup, i'm not worried cos we got cik ct to organise our cooking timetable hehe.

what else to write? oh yeah, a big, big, BIG congratulations to ct for passing her exams! never seen her so happy and lively and bubbly and smiling and laughing, ever before! good for you, girl, good for you.

cant bloody wait for harry potter next week (mode: terkinja2 lompat2 atas kerusi hihi). cant wait to see the movie. bet it's a more serious and darker movie. i dont mind that in a movie, but i dont like reading it in a supposedly children book. well, what the hell, i'm not the author. bet my sister gonna say, 'huh tak best, harry dah besar, dah tak cute dah'. which i think is true. ape pun, cant wait to see the movie this friday, except that it's the day before our raya open house, so dont think ct gonna let me leave the house. we'll see.. ;)

almost finish the kuih raya that azali sent me. tart nenas tinggal satu. dont have the heart to finish the last one. dont know when will i taste tart nenas again. sedihnyer.. tart nenas..kuih paling best satu dunia huhu

oklah, gonna get some food to eat before lying on my bed again. saturday...bless :) have a nice weekend ;)