sleepy head on a monday

11/21/2005 05:44:00 PM 0 Comments »
am so so soo sleepy right now. just finished the last lecture (at 5!) and am now waiting for the mandarin class at 6. ngantuk gile. last night i missed mama so much (euw childish + ngengada ahaks) and spoke to her until 2 in the morning. i miss home so much. these are the reasons why i must go home this dec:
- miss mama, abah, jiman, iwan and kak lysa
- miss azali sooo much
- havent seen my new house in kuantan. everyone else has seen it except me.
- my parents are going to haji at the end of dec. it's their wish to see all their childen before they leave..this makes me sad.
- got my dad's company's family day. i never been to one. they are usually held in a nice place, nice hotel, nice food, nice people, basically everything is nice
- got to do rebonding. desperately
- got to buy the food essential stock like bilis, cili kering etc.
- this is a really important one. i got to sort out my elective for next june in hospital kuantan. their website is so crap.
- jiman's graduation and commision this december. after that he'll be captain ridzman!
- this is another really important one. sort out the preparation for jiman's wedding. my parents desperately need my help/approval/view on everything cos this is the 1st wedding of our family and they're not sure what to do. not that i know what to do, but they value my views, maybe because i got some friends who are good in this sort of stuff, like ellina and mu'azzah.

the more i list out the reasons for me to go back, the sadder i become. i have a feeling that i cant go back this dec. a strong feeling. with the visa and ticket problems, dont think i can go back. well, as promised, i dont want to think too much, i take each day as it is, and take one step at a time. all that i need to do now is to concentrate for my exams in 2 weeks time. other things can be put on hold.

last saturday we had our raya open house. it was a blast. i started making banana cakes on thursday evening (4 of them!). i thought 4 would be enough. obviously not. then most of our dishes we cooked on friday. we made nasi himpit, nasi tomato, rendang ayam, kuah kacang, chicken wing bbq, milo jellies and some fruit salad. this year we were quite organised, with ct's cooking timetable, plus me and ct were free on friday to prepare the food. about 40 people came, all are friends (sorry we dont invite foes! hihi) and it seemed everyone was having a good time and enjoyed themselves. the kuah kacang and banana cakes finished first. about 10 people asked me for the recipe, and i'm so happy they liked it. second most popular dish was the chicken wing bbq. it was so simple to make, only need to marinate it for 1/2 hour, but it tastes so good. lucky we got some leftovers for ourselves, we made around 150 of them. i promise to upload some pictures here and in my fotopages soon.

so that was saturday. oh forgot to mention that oja came all the way from glasgow to enjoy our raya open house. sorry that huda couldnt make it, die tak sampai hati to leave dear husband even for a night, takpela, i'll make you rendang and banana cake next time you come to see me ok.

what else? oh yeah, this is worth mentioning. i saw the latest harry potter movie on friday. it was the 1st view of the day. i didnt know that the cinema opens at 10, so i had to stand outside, freezing cold for 20 minutes, along with other about 20 hardcore fans of harry. of course they were all looked eager to enter the cinema, but alas, they needed to que and buy the ticket first, where else i, the most handcore fan of harry ever (self-confessed hihi) had bought the ticket a few days earlier and as a result of that i was the 1st person to enter the cinema room. i was so so soo happy, climbing the stairs at the side of the seats, choosing the bestest seat (it's free seating here in the uk) and you know what, i was laughing out loud HA HA HA! no one was there (yet), i was about to watch my favouritest movie in the bestest seat and i can do whatever i want, well, for 30 seconds before other viewers arrived. might sound a bit childish, but i was really happy, no children at all (it's quarter past 10 view on a friday morning where all children are at school. dont like children cos they are noisy. hihi selfish siot) and the cinema was only half full (again, weekday view). was i clever or what? muahahahha

the movie was superb. but again, i'm a very biased viewer cos i like harry potter so much. it was quite a fast-paced movie, from one plot to another, and honestly i dont think non-readers could understand the storyline. ok, enough said, dont want to spoil those who havent seen the movie. some said it wasnt as good as the 1st 3 movies, well, that's their opinion and i respect that. tho i was a bit sad, as i am a hardcore fan. but the movie receives a lot of good reviews, from the papers and the internet, and i like that. i like harry potter and i like it when others share the same view.

oklah, got to go now. gonna go to my last mandarin class session. dont think i want to take any language lesson again. at least not for now. now i have to concentrate and pass and finish my course first. good day everyone :)