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11/23/2005 06:27:00 PM 0 Comments »
finally, after 8 weeks, i have my passport back. they've granted me a 2-year visa! was so happy yesterday. i expect a 1-year visa, as my scholarship ends next july when i need to reapply it again, so i was surprised when the homeoffice gave me a 2-year visa. i'm truly grateful for not needing to save and spend another 250quids for another visa extension.

as planned, the next step would be hunting the flight ticket to go home, like, in 2 weeks time. i know it's a bit late, but what to do, i dont want to buy the ticket without confirming my visa first. unfortunately, most of the tickets are now taken and i'm left with the expensive ones. i searched endlessly yesterday and today to find a ticket that suits my account balance and i admit it was quite disappointing. managed to view a ticket online this morning but when i went to see the travel agent this afternoon, it was gone. some of the websites are funny too. macam biskut, kejap ade, kejap takde, then the next day ade balik, bila nk book, dah takde. well, as i said before, i have a feeling that i cant go back this december, but i dont think it's right to give up. so right now, if ade rezeki then i'll go home, if not, i'll stay here with the company of my friends.

newcastle is in its coldest winter ever. there are rumours that it will snow tomoro. for the 6th year i'm here, it never snows in november. a couple of night ago it was minus 7. super freezing cold. as much as i like winter and snow, but to have it this early and this cold, it's too much. while mama complained for malaysia especially kuantan has rained non-stop since earlier this week. worried weird world weather.

today as usual i work. a bit tired and sleepy cos last night's sleep wasnt good. went to library after that to do some revision. i drank 2 cups of coffee today, and that is a record. am so tired at the moment. physically and mentally. i decided not to go to badminton tonight, my shoulder hurts again. i'm pretty sure it's the rotator cuff muscles, but i'm too lazy to get ibuprofen. the cold weather makes it worse.

am heading home now. shall i take the bus or walk? it's damn cold outside. the bus stop is 10 minutes walk from here but the bus is not frequent since it's already 8 in the evening. while it takes about 30 minutes to walk from here to home. think i'll walk since i got my backpack today and dont have to put all pressure in one shoulder. got my coat and gloves. home, here i come.