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sory bout my previous entry..kinda jiwang..mmg jiwang pun! it's so not me, but once in a blue moon, ok la kan hehe..(still embarassed huhu)

i'm tired and sleepy, but it's just 9, think it's too early to call it a day. there is nothing what so ever on the tele, so i'm stuck with internet lah. revision? yeah, i got my pre-christmas's osce next tuesday, but i had spent the whole day, the whole week in fact, reading, revising, and practising the osce so i'm all out now. plus it's damn mad freezing outside (or is it just me?), so i'm better off under the dovey, thank you very much. tomoro's another day of reading, revising and practising, so i think i wont feel guilty for not doing anything tonite.

when i first came to newcastle, i met this one young female doctor, Dr A, during one of hari raya gathering. at that time, she was a doctor for 3 years, and coped very well in medicine world. what amazed me was that she was happily married at that time and had a young 5 years old daughter. i always have this thought that family and career dont mix well if you are a women, esp in medicine. everybody says that. it's either family, OR career. well, you can have both, but in a slower and delayed pace lah. i have a friend who sacrificed her study in medicine to do a basic science degree and became a teacher, in order to concentrate on her family. while my other friends had to delay weddings or even stay single, for them to focus on their career. if you are a guy, the senario will be totally different, of course. guys dont involve much in kids and family, well, that's the conservative malay way of thinking, and i have to admit i still have an old mind about bringing up a family. so, my point is that i never meet any young women who have both career and family (if old women tu, lain cite lah, what i mean here is women who has just started her career). i met Dr A, and i saluted her. she had became my idol.

and today, after 4 years, i met her again. she's one of the GP in the GP surgery where i'm attached to. it's pure coincidence. like, for the whole 300-ish ppl in my batch, 26 of them were sent to NT General Hospital, including me. from 26 ppl in my hosp group, we had to divide ourselves between 6-7 GP surgeries. and i had the one where she works as one of the GPs. and she's, like, the only malay GP in newcastle. when my teaching GP introduced her to me, i was overwhelmed. she's the one i looked up to for this past few years.

she's looking great. she has 3 children now, owns a house in north shield, just finishes her MRCGP exams and is due to go back to malaysia for good this january. she's one of the malay pioneer to become a GP and she's enjoying it. she explained about her career path and the future of a GP in malaysia. i was soo amazed with her story. i always know that i'm a family type of person, but i dont want to waste my degree (if i manage to get one lah). after coming back from a long break, i can now focus more into medicine and begin to enjoy every bit of it and i dont want to waste it. if you aim to be a consultant in less than 10 years after graduating, fine, i think every single qualified doctor can do that if they only focus on that kind of career pathway. if you want to build your family and forget everything else, fine, almost everyone can do it. but to be able to meet a women who balances her career and family life, it's just superb. impressive. extraordinary. she just made my day.

well, that's today. tomoro's another day. another few days of hard work, then the christmas hols! yippee! i have any plan for christmas hols..d'huh

good nite!

ps:/ gambar raya. got a few more, but i havent worked out how to put more that 1 pic in this blog, so need to wait and see lah huh

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