cheering up

12/03/2004 06:43:00 PM 0 Comments »
obviously yesterday wasnt the bestest day of my life. like someone said - it's a fucking shit kinda fuck up life. life is tough - everyone knows that, or maybe except paris hilton, and sometimes it gets tooo complicated and tangled you just dont know where to begin. if there is such thing as afterlife, like a dear friend of mine mentioned, i dont think i want to live, again. once is definitely enough.

as i have sworn myself not to be in that 'state' again, i promise myself to try to overcome this obstacle. i really dont want to be in that state again, it wasnt pleasant at all. yeah, i guess i have to wear a mask to hide my true feeling, it's hard, cause that's hypocracy by my definition, but i think it's for the best. a friend used to tell me that my face is like a glass, it will reflect my true emotional state at that time. it true?

about my previous entry, the girl that i referred to was not you. nor you. neither you. nope, not even you haha. tak tipu sih. she's just another malay girl in newcastle, who is k-poh and no one likes her. wei, the last statement wasnt mine, somebody told me, so dont blame me aa. anyway, since no one knows her (honestly, it's not you haha), so ok la kan for me to put that statement haha.

to cheer things up, i just like to list 3 things that

i like to eat
1. kentucky fried chicken. it's my favourite food in the world!
2. haagen dazs's belgian chocolate. sedap gile. but they just stopped producing it sob sob..complaint! but seriously, it's the best ice-cream ever ever
3. Nescafe Cappucino Decaffeinated. i just discovered's the best drink ever made!

you might not know about me
1. i'm very superstitious. i read my horoscope everyday and i jolt down my dreams. but i dont go palm reading or other supernatural dad does :p
2. 9 out of 10 of bus trips i'll be sitting on the left side of the bus
3. i hate my nose, just feel like i want to cabut it and put another one

you might know about me
1. i like pink. so much. it hurts. it's embarasing
2. i can never wear sandals. because i need to wear socks.
3. i believe that Harry Potter exists.

i'm used to be good at, but now it is wasted
1. maths..dont ever mention this word in front of me again sob sob..kecewaaaa
2. needle and craft works. dont think i have time to do this
3. sports. i'm used to do athletics at school, was pretty good with it, hard to believe eh

okla, cukup kot.
have a nice weekend everyone.

ps: managed to play naruto in my laptop, yey!