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malasnye nk blog. tade mende pun nk tulis. hmm..actually got a few, but dont think i have the mood to write it here. well, i'll try to put it down..

my pre-christmas osce ended last tuesday. i started working the next day. basically, everyday consists of the same thing; woke up at 9, leave the house at 9.30, catch the metro at 10, arrive at work at 10.30, stay there until 2, sometimes 4. then go back home, prepare dinner, take a shower, watch tv, then sleep. i like routine. it keeps me going. well, i hope my everyday life consists of such routine, except that it is not...

2 of my housemates went back home. i mean, home home. one in malaysia, the other one in jeddah. my 3rd housemate is supposed to stay in newcastle. then, she changed her mind and went back to malaysia 2 days ago. fine. me home alone in the house. a big house. and..honestly, this i have to admit, i'm not a brave person. at all. i still use a night light to sleep at night, yup, those tiny light used for babies or small kids to sleep.

nasib baik sgt2, (alhamdullillah 10x), got this one hamba Allah yg baik hati to accompany me duk umah ni. dia baik, suka senyum. then got another hamba Allah yg baik hati gak. so i got these 2 really nice friends to accompany me here :). and i show my gratitute by cooking dinner for them. i dont mind cooking, i love cooking, IF there is someone to eat with. i cant be bothered to cook properly for myself. i can settle with microwaved food for myself, tho actually i love cooking. so, i cook dinner for these 2 every night, i hope. but then, being some good persons themselves, they didnt want to cause me such trouble to cook every night, so we end up alternating our cook schedule. i made dinner 2 days ago, Y cooked dinner last night, and N is preparing dinner now. cool. super cool. i just love their company! think i'll remember this as one of the good memories here in newcastle.

think i got to go now. N is expecting me and Y for dinner. will jolt down more later tonite. tata. cant wait to go to edinburgh to meet some old friends! opps...forgot to call the host..hehe bel..i'll arrive in edinb at 1.36pm friday aa..can u pick me up at the train station? me never been to edinb la. will call u tonite..