yey! exam's over

12/14/2004 06:46:00 PM 0 Comments »

just finished my pre-christmas osce. kinda tired..and lazy too! had my osce at north tees hosp this morning, so i woke up at 5.45am. haiya..pain in the ass..but i'm glad i got the earliest osce. there are soo many students in my batch this year, it's nearly 400 (that's what i heard, but not sure whether it's true or not), and some of them have to take their osce at 4pm! this paper will take about 2 hours, and if you have to take it in a faraway hosp like in north tees or james cook in middlesburgh, you can only reach newcastle back at 7pm++! ayoo.. so although i got a faraway hosp for my osce, but at least i had to do it at 9am and finished by 11.

i had mixed feeling about this exam. i was scared like hell. although this year is my repeating year, so practically i took this paper, er, 2 years ago, but the nervousness is still there. before this i wasnt prepared enough. in fact, i didnt care at all. believe me guys, if i'm in my 'dont care' mode, i just cant be bothered, with anything! one of my weakness, i might say. but i think this time i prepared myself, i think, at least better prepared than 2 years ago. and my dad used to say, 'if you're prepared, you should not feel scared or nervous'. ha ha. i actually believed that. or used to believe that. i learnt that no matter how prepared you are, exams ARE exams, they are created to assess you. of course you feel nervous, esp when it is an OSCE exam, when they monitor every single things that you do, every single word that come out from your mouth, ie they OBSERVE you. and who liked to be observed? definitely not normal person la, lain la if you are the kind of person who like to be in the centre of attraction like the osbournes ka etc. but an osce is an observal assessment, and it's the worst exam of all. i wont comment on how i did this morning, past is past, but i think this is the first paper that i gone worried after the exam. i hope this feeling will be gone soon. hey, (i'm talking to myself here), it's christmas hols, dude! not that i celebrate christmas, but a break is a break, and i'm sure i'll be busy when the term starts again on january, so make full use of your break!

ok ok, chill out girl.

so i'm officially free, until new year. i dont have any plan initially, cos, the initial plan was for my fiance to come, but then the ego issue came in, and tada, i'll be spending the next 2 weeks and a half alone in newcastle. yup, home alone. 2 of my housemates are going home, while the other has her own plan with her friends and dont think she will be around in newcastle. luckily, (yup, look at the brighter side, well, i'm trying to), i have informed the practise manager where i work that i will work full time there during christmas hols. 1) yey, of course for the extra money 2) i want to fill up my time..boring weh. then, some of my old college friends are having a mini gathering in edinburgh for christmas and new year, so i decided to join them on 24 dec and return back to newcastle on 27 dec. think it's enough. i am the kind of person who doesnt like to stay too long in someone else's place. hehe i need my own tilam, bantal etc. dono, it's just me. think that's why i dont like to travel that much. i like to keep near to my, er, habitat haha.

so, what else to do? borrowed a nice, thick fictional book from ct, for me to read. that'll help me occupied. nadine's will be around too, so i think it will be fine.

i want to write about something else too, but this entry is too long already, so it's better to write it next time.

ps:/ just like to mention something.. i sent my raya pics to my 'beloved' fiance back home. know what he said? 'eh ct lawa la hehe'. terbakar hangus2 aa.. remind me again why i got engaged with this guy?