12/02/2004 10:18:00 PM 0 Comments »
there are a few reasons for why this blog is no longer regular like it used to:

1. i discovered more people actually care enough to read this blog. pastuh regular visitor plak tuh. pastuh hafal every detail tuh. felt like i have a stalker. i dont mean da bitch, but there is another girl in newcastle. scary. tu baru newcastle.. then if it is viewed by my friends kat mesia ke, kat us ke, ie no eye-to-eye contact tu ok gak la, but some of the readers are those who live close to me. and they told me they read this, this and this, and actually asked for explanation and discussion. and this blog is supposed to contain nothing but my inner thoughts? scary. this blog has lost its purpose..dono..there is no privacy anymore

2. my exam is just around the corner, so i'm quite bz myself doing stuff that i'm supposed to do lah

3. something heavy and serious came out and it kept on bugging my head. it's a family stuff and hell no, i wont write it here, tho i want to. see? i want to write it down, but i cant. dammit. but that's not my point here. right now i got other stuff in my head, the fact that my mum wont talk to me, and being a weakling myself, i cant concentrate whatsoever to do whatsoever, so besides that, i'm fineeee..yeah rite

4. i'm not coping like i'm supposed to when there are changes in my life. i'm an independent person, or like, i used to huh. but being back home with family and friends for quite sometime made me used to the presence of a company. i'm not independent anymore. dammit. i'm still trying to kick this thick skull of mine that i need to go shopping alone now

enough said. ngantuk sih. tomoro's another day. hate myself for complaining and whinging sigh..