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ngantuk sih.. it's only half 10 but i'm sleepy already. hm..maybe becos i went to tesco to do some food shopping earlier and bought more food that i expected and had to pikul those all the way from tesco gateshead to fenham...hmm dono why aa i choose tesco? i always go to tesco, at least once every fortnite for buy food stuff. i like tesco as it is big + full of food choices, but not too big like asda when i can get lost easily, or too small like safeway newcastle, or morrison nowadays. or maybe becos tesco is the place where azali and i used to shop. tesco in coventry is like fenham to castle leazes, and it's 24 hours, so we used to shop there at odd hours, like 2-3 in the morning and felt as if the whole supermarket were ours! hehe such a nice memory. well, i do like tesco, and although i have to take a bus and a metro to reach tesco gateshead, i will still go there and enjoy my time pushing the trolley alone and pretend that azali is there too, like old days :)

ellina has officially moved to glasgow last weekend. she rent a car, and kak syikin, the driver, asked me to accompany her on the way back from glasgow to newcastle. it was a pleasant journey and it was nice to meet oja and yunie again. we went to our usual spots whenever we went to big cities; wagamama, mng and nine west stores. cool. mng will be opening their store in metro centre soon (yey10x) and i really really hope wagamama will open theirs soon (hard luck..newcastle is not that big huhu). well, you cant have everything, cant you? at least mng will be here soon and whittard also has just opened a branch in eldon sq. cool.

went to see the incredibles just now with ct and yus. the cinema was packed with children. fact: i dont like children haha. and i cant even pretend i like them haha. movie wise, it was good. good good. 7.5 out of 10. i had a good laugh and enjoyed the movie.

have been waiting for raya pics from ct to put some in here, but she seems quite bz. and i'm not in a rush what so ever, so no pressure aa ct. i know you got some other stuff to do and yus seemed occupied as well. tappo la. me and my camera-less..

tomorrow is the notts games. i heard some of my old kmys frens are coming to notts, sori guys, i need to have some rest this weekend. the last 2 weekends was filled, so this week i shall stay in newcastle. huhu wanting to see laila and her baby sakinah..perhaps next time heh..

ngantuk sih..tomoro got my usual routine back. go to work in monkseaton until 2, maybe go to library? haha fat chance..since i just received my gaji today ehhehe metro centre anyone?

nite nite


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