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11/03/2004 10:54:00 PM 0 Comments »
adoi kenyang nyer..burpp..heheh excuse me aa. i just ate the whole garlic bread and a can of sweet corn plus a mug of warm decaf nescafe. the garlic bread was supposed to cook in the oven, but naturally, i wasnt patient enuff to wait for my food (10 minutes je dhoh..tak sabo gile) and put the bread into the microwave instead! haha. well i'm pretty sure the bread has been cooked b4 it got freezed, so no worry about makanan mentah. but the bread was surely liat! haha. and ate sweet corn directly from the can? it's so typical me haha. ok kot for tomoro. if lapar lagi, there are chocolates! haha. although in the past i tend to diet, like eat boiled brocoli for several months (sad isnt it) but now i'm not that fussy about my body size. of course la as a normal girl you tend to worry when your fav shirt or jeans begin to tight, but alhamdullillah, it doesnt happen that often. tho i still wish to fit into my levi type1 jeans size 26 like i used to...

here are some random things that keep on bugging my head:

  • dreamt of azali's mum last night. it wasnt scary, she was nice in that dream (i only met her twice). she hugged me and wished for my wellbeing. nice one :)

  • i have a dry cough for several weeks now. it's kinda embarrasing when you cough while you meet your patient. since i cant drink, the cough keeps on and on for several minutes. kat umah takmo batuk plak sih

  • my mock test is next week. surprisingly, i'm not that worried. it's not overconfident you see, but i think i manage my time well (well, that's what i think..yup..maybe i AM overconfident dhoh) for these past few weeks

  • worried about mara. i'm scared to call or email them about my scholarship. for these past few month, i rely totally on my dad. dont like it. think i'll send mara an email after this. i've already sent and faxed the particular details to them a couple of months ago, but i think i should ask them anyway

  • think i'll lose my close fren soon. well, i dont think i'll lose her, she's just moving away. she ain't going anywhere far, just to glasgow, but that is still quite far from newcastle, and she'll be very busy soon. hilang geng kat sini. oh i'm just being selfish again. i'm truly happy for her to get the job. hei, be thankful, at least she's in glasgow, not malaysia! haha, guess i'll be visiting glasgow more often then. oh i'm just being sentimentol again haha

  • think my pms is over now. okey la tu. having pms, then somebody calling you 'stupid' and 'bitch' is SO not good. my anger was sooo up to the roof. then somebody forced me to get into her car..is like tuang minyak gas 1 kole to my so-called api kemarahan. then somebody kept on 'bombarding' my phone to apologise, is like..tuang minyak 1 tong. then somebody sent a txt wrote 'oh i used to call my close frens stupid and bitch all the time, it was a joke, and i consider you as one of my close fren'...ARRGHHH..it felt like somebody tuang minyak gas 1 lori!!... and then somebody kept on tuang minyak lagi and lagi and lagi and lagi and that somebody was the same annoying girl from my hosp group. first, i dont like to be forced..pekak ke..how many times do i have to tell you? two, when i'm angry, just leave me alone and dont try to apologise. three, dont send me stupid txt and four, I'M NOT YOUR CLOSE FREN, YOU STUPID ASSHOLE

  • i wonder why 6 out of 7 blogs by med students write about medicine? like stuff on the hosp/clinic etc that they did that day? mmg chenta hati betul ngn medicine huh. wish i can be like that. i like medicine (i think..hmm more like i hope..) but surely i'm not obsessed with it. oh well, it's their blog anyway

  • azali is 11 000km away from me. FACT

  • havent seen azali for 2 months and 10 days. FACT

  • hari raya is next week. and i dont feel a thing

think i need to sleep now. have a glass of milk every night b4 i sleep, it helps me wake up in the morning, seriously...