being opinionated

11/23/2004 05:47:00 PM 0 Comments »
helo again

the last blog has created such a controversy (haha it's not intended!) and i decided to stop my haloscan aka comments space tu. well, the real story was that yesterday i received a rather nasty/lucah/you named it comment. it was written in malay, and i find malay rude words rather disturbing, tho it means the same as the english words. like the word 'bitch', we used it all the time, but not 'sundal' or 'jalang' which are quite harsh, to me, tho it means the same. and rude words in malay always focus on male or female genitalia... hmm wonder why..but that's not my point. so..yesterday i received this nasty comment from an 'anonymous'..surprise surprise..well, i'm not accusing anyone or give out names. well, you see, i asked a few of my friends for their view of my last blog, they said it was ok and non-offensive what so ever, mainly because the story wasnt about them at all. and they said, of course the person who i refer to will terasa + bengang kot

'sape makan cili, die yg rase pedas'

for me, you shouldnt be angry on any accusation or rumours if it is untrue. but if it IS true, then you will have a reason to be angry or pissed. logic la kan. straight forward.

yesterday wasnt productive at all. i went back from hosp and found out about the nasty comment in my blog and went speechless. honestly, i was shaken and had to stay under my dovey for several hours. i wasnt angry though if you asked me, i was shocked and shaken and scared. i was shocked for the words used in the comment. i felt sick and feverish. only after i spoke to ellina then i calmed down and managed to sleep with paracetamol.

i didnt know why i was shocked, shaken and scared, maybe because i'm not used to those nasty words. i didnt think that my last blog was offensive, it was a story, my story about this one girl. and i didnt give out who she was. but ellina told me the blog was very descriptive (hmm)..true also.

but i think i'm okey now. i went back home for the afternoon to find time to talk to azali (hei anonymous..i DO have somebody who like me tho i'm dead ugly, and i dont have to fuck someone to get them commited to me). his voice soothed me instantly and i couldnt stop talking for 10 minutes. i thought he was gonna scold me sarcastically as he once warned me about the 'danger' of having a blog. although i didnt understand what he was trying to say at that time, but i knew he meant well, and then Dhush..all of these happened. tu la, lain kali dgr ckp org. but azali didnt say that. he calmly said that i shouldnt worry and i can tell that anonymous that i have indeed someone who likes me. he said jangan layan diaorg, people like that not worth for me to feel sad.

to some of my friends, thank for standing behind me (you guys INDEED stand behind me when everyone read my blog haha). some says i'm opinionated, hmm i think it's true. i cant help it though, but i hope i wont offend anyone for being who i am (but if it offends da bitch, i dont mind haha). i try to keep things to myself, and i try to not be opinionated all the times, but sometimes i just couldnt help it especially when a person/situation/whatever disturbs me or my life. for example yeah, i knew about the topic on my last blog ages ago, but i didnt bother to write it down cos 1) it waste my time 2) past is past 3)i dont care. but when she starts disturbing my life by telling my friends who she met elsewhere that we are friends and she knew this, this and this via my blog, it pisses me off and then..the rest is history. maybe i was lancang..i admit that. but i wont apologise for being honest