crying over my lost purse..

11/16/2004 04:08:00 PM 0 Comments »
i lost my purse.

my new black leather square purse which mama bought me last summer.

along with abah's credit card, my solo and switch, my vodafone topup card, my mas enrich card, my examination card and 25 quids.

luckily i had my student card in my coat as i used it earlier to enter the library.

it was my fault mainly, but of course the person who took it was to be blamed as well.

it is pointless to write about the whole accident, basically i carelessly left my purse unattended for less than 10 minutes and the rest is history.

honestly, i am pissed, right to this very moment. i have never lost a purse before. this is personal stuff. i am sad mainly because of 2 things; one, there is abah's credit card inside. i respect this guy. he is the person who i look up the most. and making him angry or dissappointed is the last thing in my mind, especially after he trusts me by giving me his credit card. second, the purse was a gift from the person who i love most in this whole world. it was her purse initially, but she gave it to me. it meant a lot to me. a lot.

i'm crying over my lost purse. let me be.