mind hopping II

11/08/2004 07:48:00 PM 0 Comments »
this might not sound appropriate, but my mind like to hop from 1 topic to another, sometimes with no connection or reason at all. here goes:

period pain. adoi, ni la akibatnye ngidam nenas last saturday, i ate the whole biji on my own. the next day, yup, overflowding menstruation (i tried to write this as polite and appropriate as possible haha). ari ni gak, takleh concentrate whatsoever kat kelas, nasib tade kelas petang..

hate new shoes, always melecetkan kaki. always. always. damn. clarks or no clarks, samo je

M&S plum i like

damn mark darcy. why does he has to be so nice? guys like that are non-existance i tell you huh. i watched bridget jones 2 yesterday with my housemates. it was hilarious, personally i think it was a good movie. except rene zelwenger's acting was a bit weird, dono. i give the movie 7 out of 10, which i think is quite high for a chick flick movie which i dont usually prefer. hugh grant was with his usual charm, but the hero of the day was colin firth (who?) yup, he's a british actor, and i'm not a british guy fan, and will never do... err..that was my initial thought..b4 watching this movie! he plays mark darcy, a big lawyer who loves the clumsy bridget. dah la macho, smart gile ngn suit die, handsome, macho + lagi, cool, matured, hulk <-- nice body huh, tall and macho++++ lagi!!! waaa...cair...i enjoyed the whole movie. but then a weird thing happened when the movie finished. i felt sad, and empty. and i wish i didnt watch the movie earlier. i wish i watch the movie with azali. sob sob miss him. tape, i just talked to him just now, and he promised to watch the dvd with me in malaysia :)

i should have gone to the library this afternoon if it was not because of my tummy pain and feet. arghh waste some more time.

it's pretty damn cold outside, or is it just me? sejok gila.... think i'm going to get flu..runny nose, sore throat...

i'm going to sambut raya this sunday in a stadium! haha. thanks to ct and yus, they managed to get me a ticket to watch newcastle united match against manchester united this sunday. and i dont know anything about football, i tell you. nope, not even the players' names. ronnie wayne, maybe, that's all. hmm..alan shearer? who else who else...maybe i'll visit both teams' websites later to, at least, know the names of the players, or i'll annoy someone on that day for asking too many questions....

spent some time with mu' on saturday and sunday. she was my classmate back in mrsm taiping. i never realise how funny and nice she was until i met her again last year. we werent that close back then, no one's fault. dono. i wasnt close to anyone back then. maybe it was my fault..?

have i changed? i honestly dont know. i met my recent circle of friends after i came to newcastle, ie 4 years ago. so basically i cant ask them whether i have changed or not. so i ask mu'. she said i changed 360 degrees from the old me that she knew 7 years ago. what?? i never realise that. is it because of the scarf-less me? or maybe because i wear lipstick now? has my style changed? well, you cant expect me to wear kurung + tudung tutup dada + black stoking + black shoes like in taiping, can you? mama said i changed a lot after meeting azali. hmm..tak perasan plak, but since she has mentioned about it, yup, i think i do changed. i talk in a nicer and softer way, i guess. and i start to respect people more. and appreciate ppl more. and i am more considerate. and i think i smile a lot more after i met him... :)

naruto..bile la manga die nk kuar? ceh after elina pie glasgow, i'll be watching naruto anime alone ceh ceh. be strong naruto, and pie bantai sasuke. kakashi, get a gf haha. sakura, i hope you grow up and be mature and stop crying over sasuke.

bile la elina nk pangge tgk smallvile? hmm

hmm..think i should stop now. and do some reading. should ask ct someday to help me practise my examination. i hope she doesnt mind, but she's final year, must be quite bz huh? hmm..

i did all these in 1/2 an hour. see how my mind keep on hopping from 1 topic to another? man this is exhausting..