sleepy head

11/06/2004 02:00:00 AM 1 Comment »
i know i should have slept now, it's half one in the morning, but i am tempted to write my blog. i'll try to finish this asap as i need to go to work and cook laksa for 9 ppl tomoro for buka posa.

it had been very cold here in newcastle for these past few days . i tend to have some nagging pain at my shoulders everytime i feel cold. i cant even put a tiny handbag on my shoulder as it hurts so much. that's why i dont like winter. besides that, i cant wait for the snow. hihi i know it's quite early to expect for snow, but i'm pretty sure time will fly quickly and before you know it, it's christmas hehehe.

ct cooked some delicious food today for buke posa. her ayam kicap + chillie was soo good, and i ate sooooo much. yum yum. plus her choco cake some more waaa.. she cooked and baked for amelin's birthday which is today. after eating, we played harry potter's trivia board game, which the old house tenant had left behind. we had such a good laugh playing the game which required good knowledge of harry potter 2. ha ha, let me re-remind you, and shanti won 6 games over 4!! haha. saje nk kacau die haha. we really had some fun tonight. i felt so blessed having a brunch of nice friends here :)

tomoro i'll be cooking for them. my initial plan is to invite mu' to my new house and have a nice chat with her to catch up some gossips about our previous school. but since elina will be moving to glasgow soon for her work placement and she keeps on telling me how she misses laksa, and ct had cooked for the whole house today, so i think i might just as well cook for everybody tomoro. i like to cook, but my main concern is that i never cook laksa before. well, i think i'll stick to the recipe book precisely hehehe.

i received my first kad raya today! it's from jiman, my dearest bro. siap music2 lagi hehe. he's such a thoughtful brother. i just sent him a present yesterday; it's an organiser. he'll be graduating soon, ie next march for his degree, and will become Kapten Ridzman soon. waa..he'll continue the family tradition i assume, as my dad used to work for TUDM as well. wish jiman the very happiness in life :)

i hope to receive some kuih raya from my mum and azali soon. cant wait for tat nenas! i'm not sure what will azali send me, but as long as it's kuih raya, makan je. kad raya? last year azali sent me a card which is soo jiwang2, it made me laugh my head off so dont think he'll send a jiwang2 card this year. but never say never. die tu bukan leh pakai hehe

think i'm off to bed now. night light had burnt yesterday and i forgot to get another one. how can i sleep without a night light? hmm..there is always the study lamp hehe

good nite everyone! have a nice weekend :)


DeLiRiuM said...

Nak kuih sket boleh? =)