Happy Birthday to my dearest

11/25/2004 10:07:00 PM 0 Comments »
today's azali's birthday. Happy Birthday, dear..

(he's 3 months younger than me hehe)

i have been trying to find (not make! hehe) a suitable poem for him. i like poetry (what? surprised? me too hehe but i actually do like poetry) the problem is that i dont like at all jiwang2 or sentimental stuff. i actually laughed my head off last night for the poems that i found in the internet...euww till now still leh rase remang geli geleman when i thought about it hehe. well, since i havent bought anything for him, not even a card, so i think i should, at least, wish him and write something nice for him. he said he wasnt bothered at all about this birthday thingy, but last night he did called and i think he hope to hear my wish for him.

so..over thousands (kidding..i only read a few dozens) of poems, i still couldnt find any suitable poem for him. i like simple words, with simple meaning, not too jiwang weh. eventually i found one that i like..

I Love You Forever

Because you are so
passionate &

Because you are so
silly &

Because you make me laugh
when i'm crying

Because you understand me
when no one else does

I love you more than life
and will love you forever

Happy Birthday, honey

i am lucky to have met him.

he made me a better person.