past happy memories

4/28/2009 02:08:00 PM 0 Comments »

except for those who were there for my akad, i dont think i have shown these pictures to anyone.
the reason was that i didnt like the make-up they put me on for the akad. it wasnt a nice one, almost everyone told me (those who had guts to tell me so la haha) that my make-up for the akad was a bit 'garang'. luckily the make-up artist put on a different one for my sanding, it was so nice that it compensated the akad one. and very luckily too the photographers managed to 'soften' the make-up a bit.
anyway, i find remembering and appreciating past happy times help a lot when the present is so bleak and depressing. and yeah, forget of the present, tomoro i'm gonna drive 480km to kl to see hubby! bring it on!