random talk and a short story..

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who would have thought that aqueous cream is not avaiblale here in malaysia? i had gone near and far to get those cream, all with no success. i'm still suffering from eczema unfortunately, although epidemiologically it is mainly a disease of childhood, and 50% will resolve by 12 years of age, and 75% by 16 years (this is to answer apis's questions too, sorry for the delay hehe hope your son is getting better now). for me, i'm the unfortunate 25% who still has this condition every now and then, which is worsen whenever i'm stressed. currently it affects my neck, its most favourite site of all, and it's been there for about month now. i do apply steroid cream, but with limited success. the neck is the most difficult site to get rid of eczema i tell you, based on my experience, especially now since i'm wearing a tudung on a permanent basis. no, i dont blame the tudung wearing, it had occured even before i start wearing a tudung. last time when i was so stressed out about the finals, the eczema was stuck there at the neck for 4 months.

anyway, back to my initial topic, i found it unbelievable when i could not get a tub of aqueous cream anywhere here in malaysia. even the small tube i will have to order it at the pharmacy. i dont want the small tube, like 15gm or 30gm ones, i want the 500gm tub one, that i can use it generously, and i even, more than once use it when i shower, that was when i got the whole body eczema, yup during that final exams too. here in malaysia, i had tried various other creams, like sebamed lotion, vaseline and rosken. the latter one was the most acceptable, but still not as moisterised as the aqueous cream. but since i cannot get the one i want, then i have to settle for the second best loh, ie the rosken. or maybe i can pesan my old friends who are still in the uk for them to bring back some tubs of aqueous cream when they come back to malaysia. hehe i'll send them emails later :D

another 4 weeks and a half before the term ends weeeee :). err.. on second thought, should a 29-year-old be looking forward for a cuti sekolah? i bet she should! hehehe. plan to spend it with hubby =D and to cook, kemas rumah, basuh baju, iron his clothes, make the bed etc. yeah i so looking forward for the semester break!

talking about hubby makes me miss him.. oh hubby...

anyway, one has to be tough. hehe.

ok, on a different note, someone jatuh longkang yesterday. me that is haha. ntah mcm mane boleh tak nampak longkang tu haha. got some minute abrasions on my right foot and it hurts when i walk, and luckily it didnt swell this morning.

oh yeah, i got my language exams this week. tomorrow is the english 'creative writing' exam ie the essay one. but the one i'm most worried about is the bahasa melayu exam one. do you know i got 56% on my trial bm paper? bloody hell! i'm so so worried for the bm paper that will take place this friday. how can i be so bad in bm? i got A1 for my bm spm huh. well... hmm.. that was 12 years ago haha. do you know how much bm has changed since then? like who ever have known that 'oleh kerana itu' is wrong, when it should be 'oleh sebab itu'? like, wth? pray to god i will pass this paper, i dont want to be the first malay, or the first student (!) in this campus to fail her bm paper huhu.

on the other hand, i enjoyed my english classes very much. it was a welcome change from my main course classes. we had a drama, where i was the scripwriter (my first time!), and then we had an impromptu, that is a spontaneous public speaking. that was from my english speaking class. in my creative writing class, i was required to write a short story, of any theme and storyline. this was my first short story, ie like a cerpen, and it was about a girl who lives in 2 different world. no, it's not like hannah montana, you silly, but it was magical and fantasy one. it was about a girl who was crippled by the recurrent attacks of seizure in one world, when she was loved and cared by her friends and families no matter what her conditions were. however, no one knew that whenever she had the seizures, she would be transported to a different world, called belagre, where there were the sanudras, who resembled human the most but not quite, and there were talking animals living as belagreans too. however, there was a war between the belagreans and the nearby country, led by rufaldi. the main character, alya, along with her companion 5-foot talking dog named alsalso, and her guardian, okada, the friendly, mighty ox, must fight along with the rest of belagreans against rufaldi's soldiers. alya was very strong and capable in the other world, thus making her prefer the belagre world more.

the story's climax was when the 2 worlds began to mix and merge, and alya had to choose one world. and the twist was that the whole story was supposed to make as if alya would prefer the belagre, where she was very capable and independent, than the earth, , when at the end she chose to stay on earth instead. however, at the last paragraph, when alya already decided to remain on earth and thought she would never return to belagre, she was suddenly transported back to belagre at her own will. she then realised that was when she finally found her unique power (forgot to mention to you that all belagreans had one unique power each, for example some can levitate, some can do magis etc, and alya had yet to discover hers until the end of the story) and that she could be either on earth or belagre, at her own will. the end.

HOWEVER, obviously i could not have written all of these in a 10-page, new roman time font 12, double spacing. that was the requirement of the short story essay, and it was supposed to be between 7 to 10 pages long. i wrote 13 pages long and it was no where near the halfway of the initial plot. my english teacher then told me that my problem was that i wrote too long as i had too many ideas. she said she asked for a short story, not a novel haha. yup, when i think about it, with that plot, i could have written a novel. finally, with great difficulties, i decided to change the plot. the new plot involved alya, after the latest severe seizure attack that left her almost paralysed, could not return to belagre anymore. then one day a visitor came to her house, and asked to see her. this tall, big man resembled someone so familiar to alya, although she could not figured it out. at the end it was okada, her guardian at belagre, after performing certain magic spells, came to earth in human form and came to bring her back to belagre. the end.

i know it was a lousy ending, but what can do, a short story IS a short story, not a novel haha. i was so inspired to be writer, i have always loved to write (and this blog is the prove! haha). then hubby said to me, 'dear, go and finish your study first, then you can consider becoming a writer ok'. thanks hubby for bringing me back to earth haha.

anyway, i think this entry is long enough so i better stop here. time to start working!