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just came back from kuantan. actually didnt plan to go home this weekend, got tonnes of work to do, books to read, guidelines and protocol to study, plus got oncall on saturday full day, case presentation on sunday, then english exam on tuesday and bm exam on friday next week. but then something turned up at home that made me felt compelled to return home, plus i ever so miss dear maisarah, so i left my uni on wednesday afternoon. and then returned back to the uni a day earlier, for the reasons mentioned above. situation back home was expectedly bad, if not worse, actually to tell you the truth, i'm not sure whether it can get any worse, as more and more things occuring at almost on a weekly basis that i'm not surprised nor sad anymore. we are tired, i know i am tired, it's been dragging for about 5 years now and everyone wants to move on. i've given up on certain individuals in the past and it wasnt that hard for me, except that this time i actually care and love for this person so much that i found it very difficult to cut all the ties between us. i'm not sure about the rest of the family members, but i know all of these are difficult for them as well.

anyway, lets not talk about the sad and the bad. life do goes on, and it will be a waste to moan about the negative aspects of our lives. so lets just be a little bit more optimistic and more cheerful, shall we?


i bought a new pair of glasses hehe. they were quite a different one than the previous glasses that i used to wear. mind you, i've been wearing glasses for, let me see, 21 years (oh my god, is it true? cant believe it.. but it is true, since i've been a full time spectacles' wearer since 8 years old) and i had tried all kinds of glasses, the round, the oval, the rectangular, the gold, black, silver, copper, red, blue, full frame, half frame, frameless and the list goes on. so this time i choose a different one. it's a rectangular frame (i found this frame shape suits best with my face hehe), plastic frame, a little bit bigger than my usual small frames, it is black in colour ie the rectagular part, but white in colour on the other parts. very interesting hehehe. and although it is a plastic frame, but it has nose pads, which is essential for me who owns a not-so-high nose bridge haha. anyway, that's the good part. the bad part was that they had to increase my power lens huhu, now both are 650, with the astig power of 200 on the right and 150 on the left. camane ni? i thought lens power should have been stabled as you go older. i dont want to get blind!

anyway, one should not jump to conclusions, as someone once advised me. think i should take care of my eyes a bit better now. i'll see what i can, and should, do for the sake of my eye sight huhu.

those who know me know how much i adore this little girl. my niece, maisarah, that is. i'm so fond of this girl, she is so adorable. sangat lah cutenya, very smart and cheeky too :). she's now a year and 9 months old and owns about 20 pairs of shoes and counting! hehe. and she knows where to point at when asked where is her mata, hidung, mulut, kaki, tangan, rambut, perut and telinga. now i'm teaching her to know what is jari and lutut. i dont mind to drive 5 hours just to see her smile, then salam me, kiss my cheeks and then hear her say out loud 'Nina!' (my name at home) hehe. i heart you maisarah!!

now i know my maternal feeling has finally come out haha

anyway, got to head bed soon. penat aa driving balik tadi. it didnt feel that much tired when i drove back to kuantan, cos i got to see maisarah at the end of that journey, but to drive back to the uni with not-a-thing to greet me huhu it tripled the tiredness haha. sayonara..