maisarah & harith yusuf

5/04/2009 09:30:00 AM 0 Comments »

my niece is such a cheeky little girl who loves barney, and hates wearing skirts hehe. she's now a year and 9 months and she can say a few words now like ateng (atuk), nana (nenek) and most significantly, NINA, which is me!
sengih sampai telinga =D
and also introducing my nephew, harith, or ayi, a name his sister called him, is a healthy going to be 4 months old baby boy. he's an easy baby, but he does like to 'borak' or mumble, especially to his nenek yang rajin layan die borak hehe
such adorable children. i love them to bits!
ps: oh yeah, their dad, ie my brother, has just been diagnosed to have tb last week. the whole family had health check-ups afterwards and declared fine, and the dad now wears face mask everywhere. poor lad!