4/18/2009 03:45:00 AM 0 Comments »

gosh i had such a nightmare last night


it involved me going back to the blightly or some overseas country again to live there by myself. i cried non-stop in that dream when i realised i was already there. what the hell nyer mimpi..

really hope it wont happen. and i know it's unlikely, i'm almost 29 now, married and no one can force me what to do. and i know hubby wont let anything bad happening to me huh. i dont think i can live if it was indeed happen. selisih malaikat 44 shiver shiver

... it's just a dream elly... you're in malaysia now you see...

right. time to get myself together now..

anyway, had a packed weekend. sape la suruh pilih weekend night shift, 2 weekend on a row pulak tu. really kacau my sleep schedule betul. hence the pelik2 nyer mimpi huh. what to do, kene la bersusah2 dahulu, bersenang2 kemudian kan. after next weekend, i'll have no oncall until the week after that, so i plan to go to kl to spend some time with hubby. or should we meet somewhere in the middle and stay a night or two and have a totally relaxing weekend together? hmm i like that :)

huh i miss hubby terribly