grand boredom

4/04/2009 06:48:00 AM 0 Comments »
last night i finally watched twilight the movie. for some reason i can almost hear voices behind my back that would say 'huh? finally? you should have watched it ages ago!'. well, those who know me know that i dont like when people said to me 'oh you should watch this movie, it's so so good, i know you would enjoy it'. well, in this stubborn head of mine would say back 'err why? how would you know that i will definitely like this movie? who are you to tell me this? do you know me? well, you know what, i'm not going to watch it haha' as i hate being told what to do. and i dont think this is complicated, it is just pure stubbornness haha told you my insight is good haha.

anyway, i watched the movie last night and thought it was not so bad. i finally understand why girls all over the world would fell head over heels over that cullen boy, edward. he is undeniably gorgeous in that movie, although i think he is not so much outside the movie. however, i think his acting was a bit 'kayu' haha (i'm certain i can say that safely here without the fear of obsessed rob pattison's fans out there to kill me, cos i'm 100% certain no one watch that movie here at my local uni, who dont even know who obama is, so the chances of them knowing who is rob pattison is pretty pretty slim haha). anyway, back to the movie, it was definitely a romantic movie, with a easy-to-follow storyline, but for some reason i couldnt appreciate the movie. why? because that movie is so ever clearly for young teenagers, adolescent girls and i felt i'm kinda left that boat for quite some time ago, let me see, 10 years ago? haha. the movie and the books are clearly for a certain age of audience and readers, and i'm not within that age group. gosh i feel old.. but i think that is the reason why i seemed not to enjoy the movie in a way that i think i should, altho i agree that it is a good movie.

on the other hand, in harry potter books and movies (hehe here comes..), there is always some child spirit in everyone of us (including me! ;D) and that is why some adults enjoy it as well. where else in the twilight saga, everyone had gone though adolescent once in their lifetime, the adults i mean, and not everyone want to relive or to remember the past times again (that's me too haha). furthermore the storyline in the twilight saga (which i later read from wikipaedia haha) is so cliche, everyone got their happy ending etc, unlike in harry potter in which some character do die haha. and, this is the most annoying part, the twilight saga is about CINTA BUTA which i strongly disbelieve with. cinta buta sgt sampai nak jadi vampire? hello? like the one in the matrix (the 3rd and final movie) when that neo guy choose his love for this girl over the whole humanity? hello? no offence to hubby, cos i do love you so very much, but if it was left to me to decide between my personal love and the whole humanity of the world, du'oh, i would know what to choose in a blink of an eye. seriously! we're talking about logic here la weh. i'm sure hubby would decide the same too. and one more thing that i hate about the twilight is that main female character, bella. oh my god she is so lembik! take care of yourself la woman! seriously lemah betul. asyik nak kene selamatkan aje huh, mcm useless aje haha. at least hermione got her brain, sakura in naruto (finally) got her super strength sampai boleh pecahkan batu besar gaban, but this bella girl? i know la that edward guy is super duper gorgeous, but cant you just rely on yourself once in a while? and she is very stubborn too, everything must done according to her plan. marry first, then the sex, then becoming the vampire, and no one else can have their say. pastu dah la betray edward by kissing that werewolf jacob guy, then she even admitted that she was indeed in love with jacob, just that her love to edward was stronger. apekebende? mmg selfish betul haha. pastuh si jacob plak frust tak dpt bella, boleh pie 'book' anak edward and bella, renesmee yg baru lahir pulak? mmg agak pelik ka this storyline

overall, harry potter is still the best (:p ok come and kill me hehe). i'm not even tempted to buy the twilight saga books huh