mainan baru =D

4/03/2009 11:46:00 AM 0 Comments »

someone (not me haha) decided to buy this cutie solely for its colour, and she had no idea whatsoever of its function (no surprise on where i got that gene from haha). and that someone also decided to let me keep it :D
felt a bit awkward, and she gave no reason whatsoever. she just bought it and then asked me to keep it and use it. pelik kan? and since this is my mother we are talking about, so i accept je la hehehe
those who know me know that i'm the kind that prefer to read the manual. even the viva when i first had it i read the whole manual book! haha. so as usual i (just had to) read the manual for this Pinky (yup, that's the name i gave her! haha) and discovered byk bende rupenye bende ni ade. and my best guess would be that mama did not even know about it haha. i think she must have just gone into a camera shop and had a look around and then pointed out for the camera that her eyes liked the most, solely from the appearance and then bought it! mcm beli brg kat pasar..
anyway, i just discovered that i can switch the images by just 'tilting' or 'shaking' it. the camera can also self-rotate the images depending on how you hold the camera. then ade byk lagi function like you can set how long you want the self-timer to be, or to erase a selected lists of images in one go, even protect the images that you dont want to get erased accidently etc. ai.. long gone those simple digital camera that you just press a button, the image then appear on screen, then you decide wheather you want to keep it or not, then go on to the next image, then masukkan dlm computer. kan senanggggg..
oklah, got to main2 with this thing some more. nak mandi some more. i lurveeeee weekend hehe