complacent (hihi)

3/25/2009 12:17:00 PM 1 Comment »

i'm off to kl this week to see hubby :D yeyeyeye

it wasnt planned, since i last saw him was last weekend, but NEVERMIND hihihi. just found out that my timetable will be free starting from friday til tuesday. I KNOW! dah la jarang gile free, in fact since i came here, mmg tak pernah cuti lame like this (do you know i only got 4 weeks of holiday for the whole year? I KNOW! mcm org keje pulak, except that i'm unpaid la huhu. i think my sis who works for a semi-government company pun dpt cuti lagi byk from me huhu) and it's 5 days in a row, so ape lagi, balik kg la hehe. there's no way i'm gonna stay here over the long weekend break, boleh mati kebosanan sih. and since mama and the rest of my siblings are off to hongkong (yup, and they left me huhu) this weekend, so i'll go to kl la. NOT A PROBLEM AT ALL hehe cos hubby ada di situ HA HA HA

*happy mood**

nothing exciting happened so far, same old busy like hell life, work that doesnt seem like want to end, but i've decided to work hard and play hard, so after a few days of hard hard work, i drive back to kuantan and spend some good time with my loved ones, then drive 5 hours back to uni to face another week. i so love love love being close with my love ones, not too close that would suffocate me, but just enough distance so that whenever i need some emotional support and to 'neutralise' my head again, i can just go to them. and super super thank you to abah who gave me a car, it IS very handy i tell you haha

another 7 more weeks before the semester ends. how fast time flies! last year this time i was recovering from a fall (not literally haha) and this year i'm here, feeling content and complacent (am i being overly confident here? haha) and i wonder how am i going to be next year? hopefully i'll still be here, preparing for my final, amin.

oklah, got to finish a few things before i can rest my head on the pillow. have a nice weekend!