work and more work

1/13/2009 01:41:00 PM 0 Comments »

it has been raining all day. it is cold, outside and inside, and i'm currently wearing 2 jackets plus a blanket. i cannot do any work if i'm cold. and of course i'm having a cup of hot tea at this moment. wish i can stay under my duvey and lie on my bed..

my work is piling up everyday, despite doing work every single night. i hope to be able to catch up this weekend, i dont have any plan except doing as many work as possible. this afternoon i did my first bahasa malaysia essay for the last 12 years, gosh it was hard. i just hope i pass that class. i still hasnt even started the english essays. already finished the interview survey report just now, now i'm doing the case report which is due on thursday. lots and lots of revision to do, and this brain of mine is as tired and exhausted as it can be.

i dont think my effort to put on weight is going to be successful, yes i'm trying to gain some weight, but with all these work, which i dont think it will end, like, in a few years time, so i would have to apologise to hubby now. i was as much surprised as the rest of the world when hubby said i was thin and need to pile up some weight. i thought he was joking cos it is a well known fact that he likes to make jokes and i am not exactly thin nor small, but apparently he is serious about it. anyway, it was not that he asked me to put on weight, he just said i was a bit thin. i think i'm going to stay at this weight for some time, and hope not to lose some more, so i hope he doesnt put his hope too high then hehe

i had a nightmare last night, and it bothered me for the whole day. it wasnt a 'scary' type of nightmare, but it was scary enough for me. in that dream i had to pack and ready to return to the uk again. i was so disturbed by it, with all of the old feeling coming back to me, that i cried. i dont want to go there again, but in that dream, somehow i had to, so it made me so sad. i was glad to finally wake up and realised it was just a dream. no, i dont want to go anywhere but here, and i really hope i dont have to.

oklah, got to continue writing my case report. from my english writing class, i found out that every writer has their own style, it is unique to the writer, but it brings with it certain bad or good habits. obviously i want to improve my writing and i want to get rid of any bad habits. i think i know what they are, at least some of it, and i will try to improve it. good luck to me :)