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i decided to come back a bit early to the campus, first, to clear up my head, second, to have a bit of rest and third, life does go on and thus i have to sort out my studies. so i came back this morning, tidied my room, had a good shower, then slept, and now i'm on my desk sorting things out. so far so good.

sigh. i wish it did not turn out as complicated as this one. i'm heading back home again this coming weekend. i will go whenever and wherever i am needed. that is what family is for. now i have to try to think of a way to apply for a leave for 2 working days next week. i can obviously be honest and tell the truth, but i found it hard and inappropriate to tell the others, escpecially the higher authorities about my personal problems, plus i found it impossible to be unemotional about it. furthermore, i admit i am kinda unfamiliar with how the things work around here. let's hope i figure out a way by tomoro.

i found that when i'm sad and depressed, it helps to think of happy memories. so here goes:

spent a good time with hubby, and i was so happy :). we didnt do much actually, just spent some time together, watching dvds, and i cooked for hubby too, cleaned his room and washed his clothes and tidied up his wardrobe. he who brings so much happiness in my life :)

nothing much happened over the chinese new year break. went kuantan-kl-kuantan-kl and back to kuantan again several times. my viva has been so good to me, so i thank you, dear viva la vida. oh yeah, besides that, i finally bought a psp after years of aiming to own one. everyone knows that i'm such a gadget idiot, so everyone was surprised when i bought a psp. well, i admit i'm not going to use it that often, but it would be very useful when i'm in the bus, or while waiting for the car to get its service etc.

think i shall stop now. i didnt have the mood to blog actually, but i felt like to write something. hope i manage to do some work tonite.