quick post

1/16/2009 09:00:00 AM 0 Comments »

it's true when someone told me that when you have the mood to write, but you were too busy to actually jolting it down. and when you have ample of free time to write, suddenly you were left staring at the paper with nothing to write. i'm now more conscious of my writing, it is definitely because i'm now taking a class on how to write properly. before this i tend to write whatever i want with nothing to worry about, but now there will be questions in my head whether i'm doing it in the right way.

anyway, it is the weekend, and i already have a list of things to do. so far, i managed to clean my room, did the laundry, the english homework. that's all hehe. i'll be visiting my inlaws this weekend too, so that's part of the list.

oklah, gtg. have to go to pasar malam. i love malaysia!