holiday mood

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my bm class was cancelled! woo hoo! finally i got some free time to blog. my language classes are from 5 to 7pm, that run on 3 out of the 5 working weekdays. so usually after the classes, i would have to run back to my hostel for asar prayer. i couldnt pray before the class as my afternoon course class tend to finish at 5 or sometimes even more, making me running literally from one class to another. then after the praying, showering, dinner-ing, then magrib praying, sedar2 je dah 9pm. then do homework this and that, revision this and that, then go to sleep at almost 1am. then wake up by the alarm at 6.45 the next morning, with the class starts at 8. so that is the routine of my mundane life.

anyway, that is not the main topic for today. today i was in such a foul, foul mood. i've not had this mood for quite some time, but today it was just one of the moodiest day ever. everyone seemed like asking me too many questions, stupid questions some more, so mmg nak kene la. i admit i'm a bit stressed lately, with too many things to do at the same time, then have to be at more than one place at one time, so mmg stress la. then the holiday mood has already kicked in, so no mood to do whatsoever. anyway, only 1 more day left before the chinese year year break so all i have to do is to face one more day and then before i know it, i'll be on my way back home already. yup yup keep positive elly!

ok, as usual, a holiday is not complete without its list of things to do haha. hmm i am really into making lists, am i not? so here goes..

1. IOP. individual oral presentation. it's for my spoken english class. theme given: Mysticism. what the hell am i going to talk about mysticism? i have no idea. tried the library, but seriously the library here is useless. out of the 20-something list of books i searched through its catalogue, i only found one. ONE! how can i find the right topic to present then? maybe the internet loh. but for this assignment, i would prefer a hard copy ie books. but by hook or by crook, i need to have it done by next week. think one good book from kunokuniya will do the trick. but then i have to buy it lor..

2. study group topic. i will be given a list of topic to read over the holiday for the study group session in 2 weeks time. i think it would be a good opportunity for me to study in a different way, and see if it's going to work for me or not

3. tidy up my notes. i think this would never, ever end

4. buy my turtles a new, bigger case. i think they need more space to grow huh. not sure what else to do to make them grow

5. trip to kuala selangor to visit my relatives. since our wedding, hubby and i never had time to visit the relatives to say our thanks and gratitutes. apparently that is the culture for all newly weds. we already visited hubby's side of the relatives on last raya haji's holiday, so this time, it is going to be my relatives. we dont plan to visit every single house, just my grandma's and auntie's at ijok, then my cousin at batang kali, and finally my auntie at sabak bernam. 4 houses. then we are going to stay at my family's apartment at kuala selangor. that apartment is a really nice place, its balcony faces bukit melawati and it is very peaceful indeed. i think it is such a waste no one lives there, in that fully furnished apartment. my family only used it once a year, during hari raya time. my parents sometimes do go there, about once every 3-4 months, the most.

6. my psp! hehe i'm going to buy my own psp after years and years of dreaming to own one myself. i plan to buy the red one, to match my red sony ericson handphone. initially i aimed for the baby pink one, i mean the psp, but then last month i bought a red handphone, so being a colour coordination freak, of course i want a matching psp haha. next aim: a red sony viao! hehe. that's going to be a long term aim haha. definitely after i start working..

7. moves some stuff from one house to another. first, moves my clothes, shoes etc from my kuantan house to azali's house at kota damansara. i'll be moving it myself, using my car. second, moves one fridge and set meja makan from kuantan house to azali's house. mama bought some new ones and wanted to get rid of the old ones, and all of them are still in perfect condition. third, moves some sofas from ampang house to azali's house. again, mama bought some new ones and wanted to get rid of the old ones. the ampang sofas are less than a year old, and azali and i actually plan to buy the same exact one soon as he likes that L-shaped sofas so much, then mama said she didnt like that sofas actually and wanted to get rid of it. and with no one actually lives permanently at that ampang house, so the sofas are literally still new

8. cut my hair maybe? maybe just a trim.. me like me hair so much huhu

hmm cant think of any more to add up to the list. gosh too many things to do in only a week worth of holiday!