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as i'm writing this, SIL is delivering her second child. she went into the labour room about an hour ago and my bro informed me that she's now ready to labour. hope everything goes well...

wish i can drive back to kuantan tonite, right now, right at this moment. or at least tomoro morning. but i know i cant. i have loads, i mean, seriously, loads of stuff to do. these are the list of things that i'll be occupied doing this weekend (this also acts as a self-reminder to me):

1. oncall tomoro night. til midnight

2. list of topics i MUST cover thoroughly, i mean, from cover to cover, if not, i'll be dead meat by next week, DEAD serious. AR, ASD, HPT, M, D, ACS, UA, MI, HF, PHPT, PD, HD (due before sunday)

3. english class: draft of a short story. plot, character, setting, time, dialog etc (due on sunday)

4. english class: 600-700wrds essay of My Story (due in 2 weeks time)

5. english class: Interview survey + report (due on wednesday)

6. bahasa malaysia class (no kidding): homework (Latihan 2, mukasurat 55). (due on tuesday)

7. case report on a specially complicated case, at least 15 pages long (due next thursday)

8. my viva: need to go to perodua and order the 'fender' thingy and get it fixed (asap)

9. my viva: get it clean, seriously. do you how hard it is to find a car wash at this place? (asap)

10. pharmaco seminar notes (due before monday)

11. dermato seminar notes (due before wednesday)

12. returning library books (due tomoro)

anything else that i've missed?

see.. i've got loads, if not, tonnes of stuff to do. list 1-7 are essential, super important stuff that i cannot NOT do this weekend. so, logically, as my study always, always come first, i shouldnt go home this weekend. i'm adult enough to make a sensible decision, so that's it.

it sucks, i know. that's why i really need that fat, juicy secret recipe's chocolate brownies, like, now. i've had 2 of those already this week and i need more. and yeah, those ibuprofen too. helps everytime. this is life. full stop.


Norafiza said...

hmm....makes me think n rethink should i further my study now...can i cope + 1 very active toddler + 1 demanding baby...aiyoooo.....