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guys will ALWAYS be guys

a guy i know and respect had a mistress behind his wife's back. he said he did it for curiosity and that other of his friends are doing it as well. yeah... your friends makan taik then you also want to makan taik la?

a guy i know and respect is still going out with girls besides having a girlfriend and insists that they are just friends. mind you, he only goes out with beautiful, gorgeous girls and totally tak kisah mampus-ko-jatuh-longkang on plain, not-so-beautiful girls. like you think we're blind and stupid?

a guy i know and respect has just broken up with his girlfriend and posted pictures of him with another girl who definitely looks like a bitch. and yeah, he insists the new girl has 'a good heart' and fails to notice that she was the mastermind behind the breakup. a good example of stupidity and buta, of course



most guys are that. fucking serious

i wouldnt dream to say this to these people who i know not just for short while, but YEARS AND YEARS but they are indeed MACAM CELAKE

this is not just being moody. this is being totally angry and super pissed off