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just spent 5 hours today cooking... and me soo liiiikkkee it :D i find it soooo theraupeutic. i made chicken rendang, nasi tomato, a bit of sayur campur and bubur caca. masak.. think i must be a cook in my previous life. i like to cook alone, then pk tu pk ni, mostly reflection bout what's been happening in my life, you know when you want to stand still for a while and have a think about something. what's that word in malay.. ber-.. ala if you think for a while about what's been happening around you tu? anyway hope you got what i mean. i like to do that while i'm cooking, or while i'm on the bus, travelling alone. pk tu pk ni, then try to make some conclusions, or just think about what i did in the past few days.

anyway, back to the cooking topic, i just discovered something last week. i like to cook, genuinely (providing no one force me to cook, you know i got issues with ppl pushing me..), then i thought i would have no problem when i got married, cos then i would be able to cook not just for myself, but also for my husband. azali seemed to like my cooking, i used to cook for him for 2 weeks when i spent easter hols at his place many, many seasons ago. so i thought he would be happy to know that i like to cook and that i will cook for him after we got married. his respond surprised me. he asked me NOT to cook too often after we got married. WHAT? his reason is that he likes my cooking so much that he tends to over-eat himself and so making him put on weight. WHAT? when do guys worry about their weight? he said that since the last easter hols that i used to cook for him everyday he got himself a bulging tummy and he couldnt get rid of it until now. WHAT? seriously? i was surprised and flatted, and found it funny and sad at the same time. surprised for his respond. i thought guys would like it when their partner cook for them. i was flatted because he said he likes my cooking. i found it funny because i didnt know he was worried about his tummy (i found it cute anyway :p). and i was sad because i couldnt cook as often as i like after i marry. anyway, this was one of the best compliment he ever gave me (mind you, azali is not the type who give compliments, so you need to understand why i still remember this one). he said this while he was eating, his mouth was full with food that i had cooked for him:

'awak ni (mulut penuh ni.. ngam ngam), kalau masak tu biarlah sedap aje, jgn la sedap sgt, nnt saya makan byk sgt tak ingat dunia'


gosh, i do love this guy. i really do. it amazes me everytime when i think of the many years we've been together, and yet my love to him never ceases. hope there is jodoh antara kite ye...


tera said...

understand what u mean.... hehehe.. (the never ceasing part)

Didi said...

Muhasabah kot..? hehe.. anyway, aku suka masak jugak.. but then, tu la, hubby couldn't help gaining weight.. serba salah dibuat nyer.. to cook or not to cook.