me and my week

3/17/2007 11:39:00 PM 1 Comment »
weekend... bless...

i had an interesting week. went to the newcastle malaysian night on wednesday night and it was a blast! i enjoyed my time there, met up with some new and old friends and taught some mat sallehs to play batu seremban! unfortunately i left my camera at ellina's studio so i have to wait for photos from her camera instead. she's busy at the moment doing her work and she can be a bit garang when she's doing that so i'm definitely wont be knocking her door to ask for some wee photos ahaks. so you guys have to wait and i'll definitely going to post it later.

school-wise, i was doing critical care so i spent the week at the ICU and HDU with the anaesthetists and i found it very interesting. like what nadine said, anaesthetists are one of the geniusest people out there and i couldnt agree more. but i dont think it's for me. one, i'm not a genius so i dont think my mental ability is up to it, two, i'm in love with medicine and i'm positive that is what i want to do. the sad thing is that i'll be doing orthopaedics next week. i dont like orthopaedic. not just that, i hate orthopaedics. seb baik it's only for a week, so i just have to face those morons for a week and be patient and try to cover my oh-so-transparent hatred face as much as i could ahaks.

anyway, it's 2 week b4 easter break! gosh how time flies! but it's not the holiday i'm looking for, it's something else. someone is coming over... mama! yup, she's coming for a week and i'm so looking forward for it. no word can describe how i feel right now. happy? hu uh. excited? yeah. terkinja2, lompat2 excited? definitely! i'm like that, when i'm happy with something, i cant contain my excitement to myself. from past experience, when i feel like this, i'll go and share it with someone and then be a right pain in the ass cos ter-over excited sgt. so what i do now is lompat2 kat bilik sorang2 and do as much pysical activity as i can in order to burn out the adrenaline. i've been walking to town a lot lately and that helps. azali pun sometimes pening with me when i get way too excited over something hehe

so, mama's coming.. jeee... you can imagine i got a wide smile on my face at this right moment. she'll be stopping over at dubai and tehran for a few days before coming to the uk on the 12th of april. i'll then 'culik' her from my uncles and bring her to newcastle where she'll be staying for a week. i've already bought the train tickets and everything else, i promise to greet her at the airport, and i hope that everything will be in order when she arrives. organisation tuuu hehe. i plan to organise a mini trip while she's here, initially i plan to board an overnight cruise to amsterdam from north shield port near newcastle here. but then with the small amount of time she's here, plus she said she went to amsterdam some long time ago when i was still a baby, plus me takut mabuk laut, so i decided to cancel that plan. think i'll bring her to edinburgh. my mum is like me, we think more or less alike, so it's easier for me to organise my trip plan. we dont prefer to travel unless it's necessary, cos it will exhaust us a lot from the anxiety-ness, and we dont travel for its castles or any historical remarks. so what do we like? i know a thing that would definitely make her eyes wide open... shopping malls with lots of handbags! hahah. so that's exactly why i will bring her to edinburgh where i'm sure she'll enjoy the huge handbag collections at harvey nichols. perfect!

all of these planning and excitement are making me exhausted. i cant concentrate on my studies for i will be thinking about mama, like, every 5 seconds. ji ji ji cant wait for her to come. she's definitely wont be coming for my graduation this july for it's too near to meda's, my sis-in-law due date, so i'm glad she's coming this time, especially before my big exams this june. oh mama, jaga diri baik2 ye sekrg, jgn jatuh sakit or anything ye, for i really want to see your face at the heathrow airport on the 12th! he he he. good night :)


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