failed attempt to write

3/28/2007 03:33:00 PM 0 Comments »
not sure what to write and it's been a week since my last entry so i thought i could think of something and jot a line or two. i'm sure i dont have a problem with that heheh

so... what happen since last week? hmm.. typical routine... wake up at half 6 everyday, reach hosp at 8, yada yada hosp work yada yada then come back at 5ish. boring stuff... not even worth mentioning. i'm so in the holiday mood. nak cuti!! everyone else in the uni have already started their easter hols and they've got 4 weeks for that wherelse mine starts next week and consists only 2 weeks. sigh... but i'm not complaining! ha ha. but seriously i need a break!

weh i got to go. ct just called and asked whether i would like to join her to go to tesco, like in 15 minutes time. yee haa! tu je la excitement kat sini... a trip to tesco. ha ha. guess ellina will be joining as well. housemates trip! ye ye. byee...