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weeeeee got half day today :)
and what did i do? browse the internet for the whole afternoon muehehe. nope, i'm not going to try to justify that. hmm feeling a bit guilty now but nope.. i'm not going to reason myself... what's done is done, and i had a good time myself.

so what've i been up to these days? another 1 and a half week before the easter break, and yup, orthopaedic week. you know, it's not that bad actually, and yup, i even surprised myself with that one. i guess being a final year change people's perspectives and yours too. you know more, and people knows that you know more, and you know what to expect and put all your effort into it and wallah!.. things are not that bad actually. anyway, i wont bored you (and me) with all the medic stuff so lets just leave it there.

went to nad's blog and i'm intriged to write the same topic. he listed down 6 oddities that he can attribute to himself. i found that interesting and i have been thinking about it for the last couple of days. i found it hard to make the list so i've made a conclusion that i'm not as weird as i thought i would be haha. but nevertheless i managed to make the list...

1) i'm a sci-fi fan. altho not as much as nadine tho hehe. but i do like sci-fi movies a lot, like star wars, star trek, lost in space (best movie ever :p) and movies like back to the future and matrix. some of my friends found it odd when i asked them about time machine and whether they want to travel to the past or the future if they were given an opportunity to use them twice, ie to go and come back again. so which one would you choose?

2) i think i have an odd face (what? can't believe i put this as my second one...). you see, i have a round face, thanks to my mum. but my eyes are sepet, quite small and sepet. but then my skin is sawo matang, ie malay skin. but then i got this pair of (bloody) thick lips that i hate so much, thanks to my dad. when people first see me, they dont know what race i am. and my accent doesnt help either, my jawa accent often confuses people too. when i'm in malaysia, i wear a scaft and my skin darkens so they would guess me as a malay. but when i open my mouth, they would think i come from sarawak or sabah. and when i'm here, with my rebonding straight hair and a bit fair skin, they thought i'm either a chinese, a japanese, a philipines, a thai and the list goes on. so dont you think i've got an odd face?

3) i have multiple personalities. dont ask me, people told me that they thought i have multiple personalities. well i dont know... i do like changing my, whatever you want to call it, character, whenever i feel like it. like, if i feel like i want to be bubbly, i can do that and be super friendly and super smiley to any new person sitting next to me. and when i feel like i want to be distant, i'll do that. and i can retain the new character as long as i want and i do that sometimes, without any reason whatsoever. and the thing with me, i like to play hard, meaning that whatever character i decided to be that day, i do it properly and maybe that's why people thought i have different personalities. some of my taiping and kmys friends said this to me, and some said i've become a 'changed' person when i left these places. i dont think so, it's just that you dont know the real me and that was just one of my 'personality' when i was there, the one that is predictable, quiet, shy, geeky and invisible. and i retained that character for 2 years. one of the other person who said this was my mum. she once said that she couldnt understand me and doubt if i have any specific personality at all. she said i was too unpredictable. am i like that? is it odd?

lets just proceed to some simple oddities ok. i dont want to sound too odd, you see

4) i like to switch off all electricity when i go to bed. i wont leave the computer on, or the phone charge, or the heater's on etc. well, of course la except my night light. when i'm at home, i'll go around the house and make sure none of the electric devices are on. or else i wont sleep well and worry of short circuit la, then terbakar la , meletup la etc.

5) i like to arrive 4-5 hours early at the airport. it's my anxietyness i guess, but some people find it odd. i always, i mean 100% always have some dreams about missing the flight the night before the journey, hence that early airport arrival. i found this annoying too

6) i dont like people helping me, unless if i ask for some. i'm really annoyed when some people offer to help you with your shopping carriage when i myself think i can handle it myself. i'm annoyed too when people insists on giving you a lift back home, when i think it's safe to go back myself. i found that as a sign of weakness. eee ingat org lemah ke huh. i got my own kudrat, so angkat sendiri la, ade kaki balik sendiri la, ape ko ingat aku lemah ke. paling benci bile kuar ngn laki who is like, oh let me hold your bag, missus..... eeee! pomp lemah betul. tapi itula, kuasa Allah tu besar, mmg nak tunjukkan la tu, i like it (to my own surprise!) when azali holds my bags. but only azali can hold my bags huh, as he supposed to protect me kan :p haiya...(org camni pun ade ke...)

terpanjang la plak... you see i like to write, i know it's nonsense stuff most of the time, but i do like to write. no, let me rephrase that, i like to merepek...yup! ok masa tuk mandi!