morning talk....

3/02/2007 12:46:00 AM 1 Comment »
alo alo it's half one in the morning and i'm still awake. why? cos i have no class tomorrow! and i plan to wake up late! saje nak tido lambat, so that boleh bangun lambat hehe (org cam ni pun ade ke hehe). today supposed to be the last day of medicine rotation, meaning assessment day, and since i've already had mine yesterday, meaning i dont have anything today and dont have to go to the hosp. heaven! dont get me wrong, i enjoy medicine tremendously lately, but it is nice to wake up late and not thinking about revision once in a while.

this week has been another busy one. especially with the assessment that i was having yesterday. it was a long case assessment, of course i was nervous cos i dont like the uncertainty part, meaning you wont know what kind of patient you're having up to until you ask them about the reason they came to the hosp. well i can say it's the same in all assessments, you wont know what they are going to ask or else there wont be any assessment, will there? anyway, it went well and i was so happy! muehehehe. i was happy becos it's over and now i can have a long weekend. i'm starting surgery on monday and am so not looking forward for that. havent met any nice surgeon yet. all that i met were all arrogant and snobbish. and i'll be seeing them everyday for next 8 weeks. so not looking forward for that.

i received a sad news last weekend. one of my aunt passed away for chest infection. i wasnt closed to her, but again i'm not closed to any of my relatives. but arwah had always been there. she was my dad's eldest sister and she lived with my grandma so she had always been around. i used to live with my grandma when i was young and she was there too. and i know my cousins ie arwah's children quite well cos we grew up together. the death was unexpected so i was quite sad to hear how my cousins took the news. i couldnt help myself but to imagine being in their shoes. i could not, and would not forgive myself if it happens to me. no, no i know i shouldnt think like this, but one cannot help but to think this way when one is away from one's family. astagfirullah. anyway, this event has made me more determine to pass my exams this june. i want to pass my exams and go home and spend good quality time with my loved ones. cos you never know when they are going to leave you.

anyway, shall we talk about something more cheerful now? hmm... i bought a really nice top earlier this week but i dont know whether it suits me. really nice blue colour, but it's long and covers my bum, and you know about me and my bum. one reason why i wear short tops and shirts, cos apparently my upper half body is a different size to my lower ones, so everything that fits the upper half wont fit the bottom half, got what i mean? hmm i think my attempt to write something cheerful is not working...

oklah, think i need to sleep now. tomoro's plan: wake up late haha. then get some shower, then walk to the uni to meet ellina at about 3ish, then we'll go to ikea together. why ikea? cos they have one of the best fish and chips here. of course la after north shields' fish and chips haha. then ronda2 metro centre, and maybe catch a movie later tomoro night? hehe best best jalan2 on the weekday cos less people on the street hihi. good night.