tuesday morning..

1/03/2006 09:22:00 AM 1 Comment »
hello again.

i'm back since friday, but as usual, the withdrawal syndrome..makes me want to stay under the duvey all day. maybe i'll write about my trip back home one day..one nice day.. not sure when.

today's supposed to be my first day of my option. geriatric in QEH, gateshead. the offer letter asked me to meet my supervisor at 9.30, but it didnt mention about date nor day. even the hosp letter mentioned my attachment starts on tuesday, 4th jan (today, tuesday, is 3rd jan). and i just came back on friday night and didnt have time to call them to confirm the date of the appointment. it turned out that the appointment is for tomoro. so i went to gateshead this morning for nothing. well, at least i know where to go tomoro morning, not that it is hard to find the place. so here i am, in the computer lab in med school. went to gp surgery before that to renew my prescription, and to the med school office to get a copy of my hep B and rubella status for the hosp's occupational health assessment tomoro. think i'll spend some time in the library after this to read some geriatric books. i didnt read or touch a single book for a month, and i havent met or taken history from patients for 5 months, so i better prepare myself. i never meet my supervisor before, dont know what is he like, so i need to make a good impression. at least i try.

am alone in a very, very cold place. dont expect me to write on this blog that often..


azali said...

miss you my other 1/2