1/13/2006 07:44:00 PM 0 Comments »
i'm bored.
it's friday night and i got nothing to do.
nothing on tv whatsoever.
no one at home. shanti went to salsa and yus to his usual friday night futsal. me home alone. on a friday nite. this sucks.

didnt realise that today is the 1st day for the memoirs of a geisha movie til i read today's newspaper. asked shanti if she's free tomoro. unfortunately not. she's going to huddersfield tomoro afternoon. guess i have to spend weekend alone then, again, like last week. i shouldnt complaint. cant wait for ellina to come back. life is too boring without her.

someone is a pengapit this weekend. azali! he is the pengapit for his friend's wedding, sidek, ring any bell? he's a kmys-ian, but dont worry, i too cant remember his face. sidek got a girl who used to come to kmys too to do matriculation under upm (zu. remember? nope? neither do i hihi). she apparently lives near to my parents' house in jaya gading, kuantan. sidek got engaged to this girl last year and azali tagged along to act as a guide since he has been to jaya gading before when he visited my parents. alih2 sidek asked azali to be his pengapit tomoro, when the wedding will take place. i dont think azali has ever been any pengapit before. well, good luck, honey! it seems that he is also been booked by another friend to be pengapit, next month in seremban. fuyo bz gitu hihi. pity that my parents are not at home. they met with sidek's parents during his engagement and they would like very much to attend his wedding.

my plan for the weekend? not-a-thing. zero. ilek. yeah yeah my audit. yeah yeah read a bit. but not on saturday. i declare saturday a free day. i will do whatever i want. memoirs of a geisha? maybe. enjoy my free M&S vouchers? tempting. lay on the bed, under the duvey, with the remote on my right hand, me watching tv/dvd all day? definitely. have a nice weekend everyone