morning afternoon..

1/09/2006 01:52:00 PM 0 Comments »
alo again.

i'm at the robinson library now. finished my morning session in QEH about an hour ago and i went straight to the library to do some audit work. i knew that if i go home, i wont do much work, with the cold house and the bed keeps on calling me. i have to wear thermal socks, plus leg warmers, plus some bedroom slippers at home. that's why i rather go straight to the library, where it is warmer.

come to think of it, i am not that busy. i dont have a fixed timetable. i only need to spend half the day in the hospital, the most. my consultant, who is also my supervisor for my audit, is rather nice. well, you would expect a consultant geriatrician to be nicer than, well, orthopaedic surgeon, wouldnt you? the thing i like most about my consultant is that he is very nice and patient to his patients. well, as expected of a geriatrician, right? that's why i like geriatrics. full of nice old people, each with unique stories to tell, with nice bunch of doctors. even the registrar whom i met last week was super cheerful. and i like geriatrics because it is like general medicine, with chest infection, constipation, dehydration, delirium, and stroke and parkinson's disease, you know, things that med students should know. not like other specialities, like obs & gynae or orthopaedics, with its all weird terms and procedures.

weekend went alright. got a rather sad news from home on saturday, so i was very disturbed and depressed all day. i then poured all my heart out to azali on sunday morning, i felt alright afterwards and went to the library to do some audit work. my consultant seemed pleased with my audit work this morning, so i guess the weekend was productive.

i am missing someone terribly at the moment. i always talk to her twice a week, and we talk for ages. now she is at mekah and of course i couldnt talk to her as often and as long as i want to. i miss my mum :(